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  • Commodore 64

    The Beginning, Middle, Present and Future of Instant Messaging

    Tweet We all want immediate answers in our modern, tech-driven world. And that’s why we love instant messaging – because sometimes, let’s be honest, a text or phone call just takes too long. As our need for speed becomes more and more marked, individuals and businesses all over the planet are turning to some form […]

  • Tech startup

    How to kick off your tech start-up idea the right way

    Tweet If you’ve ever thought about setting up a tech company or ever had a great technology based idea you’re not one odd. Great tech companies come from little acorns. The biggest issue that people face is that they tend to avoid acting on them. The number of ideas versus the number of people that […]

  • Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

    Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

    Tweet A lot of people ask me, “what’s your advice for social media marketers?” I say, “Stop talking about social media!” If you Google ‘social media’, you’ll find about 3 billion results in a matter of 10 seconds. Yes, it’s THAT popular. Pair your query with words like ‘techniques’, ‘mistakes’, and ‘trend’ and you’ll see […]

  • Data

    Data and the big debate

    Tweet The thing about digital communication technologies is that they bring information to life. It’s not just that they put people in touch with each other; what all the smartphones, social media and all those tracking apps do is take away the guesswork that we all used to rely on. From share dealing to dating […]

  • What are the 3 Thinnest Smartphones in the World?

    What are the 3 Thinnest Smartphones in the World?

    TweetMobile communications have always been a popular avenue of technology, especially for users that are particularly mobile on a daily basis.  The main purpose of a smartphone is to make sure that it is easily transportable and can be fit into relatively any space to maximize its efficiency. With that being said, companies are beginning […]

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harsh chemicals

Is Your Business Up To Scratch? Health and Safety Requirements For Working With Harsh Chemicals

[ 0 ] July 14, 2015

Tweet For many businesses, working with chemicals is a fact of life. A surprising number and range of firms require the use of substances that could pose a danger to their employees. Whether it’s cleaning, manufacturing, agriculture or construction and industrial painting, there’s a host of sectors that could involve an exposure to chemicals and, […]

Microsoft Hololens

The Microsoft Hololens…what could it mean for industry?

[ 0 ] July 4, 2015

Tweet Microsoft hopes to take the world by storm with its Hololens, which is due to be launched later this year – but this is a development that could prove more than just a cool gimmick. The device brings holograms from the realms of science fiction films into real life. The user will don a […]

Myths About Project Management Busted By Hard Facts (Infographic)

Myths About Project Management Busted By Hard Facts (Infographic)

[ 0 ] July 2, 2015

Tweet Infographic brought to you by Wrike – Collaboration software tools Tweet

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business blogging

10 Benefits of Blogging in the Classroom

[ 0 ] July 14, 2015

Tweet In a world dominated by digital media and technologies, blogging has witnessed nothing less than a metamorphosis in last decade or so. Today, blogging is much more than a mere hobby. It has become a medium for carving out one’s self-identity in the digital space. Blogging is a powerful interactive platform through which one […]

DJ controller

How to pick the right DJ controller

[ 0 ] July 5, 2015

Tweet DJ rigs can contain an array of impressive equipment. You can bring massive speakers, fog machines, light displays, and a litany of other tech to a gig, but all of that gear is essentially worthless if you’re incapable of effectively mixing music. With that in mind, it makes sense to invest the money to […]


Finding a legal streaming service for Your TV and movie entertainment

[ 0 ] June 23, 2015

Tweet The compelling reason to watch streaming media online is the fact that you can watch it at your convenience, anytime and without much effort. This means that you don’t have to rush to the video store to find a movie/TV show that you can watch, go to the cinema or wait for a TV […]

Business Technology


Mobile Website Versatility for Your Business

[ 0 ] July 14, 2015

Tweet Even after you hire professional web design services for your budding online business, you still have to work hard at harnessing new and servicing existing customers. You might think that a strong online presence is all that’s necessary in today’s e-commerce world, but there’s a hidden component making waves in the marketing industry: mobile […]

Mobile apps

App Marketing 101: Assessing Value in Today’s Digital Environment

[ 0 ] July 5, 2015

Tweet Marketing professionals today face a steep learning curve; this is particularly true if those professional have been in the business for a number of years. Although experience has historically been a huge boon to employees, in the modern marketing industry, those “tried and true” methods of doing business are often no longer effective. Today’s […]


The importance of collaboration for your business

[ 0 ] June 30, 2015

Tweet Collaboration is not something that is new but it is changing at a rapid pace and becoming more important in the modern world, as we become better connected around the globe. Now that the Internet is faster than ever before and software programmes are becoming more advanced, it’s become a bigger necessity that businesses […]



Will it go viral? Test Your App Before It Launches

[ 0 ] July 5, 2015

Tweet For many app developers, going viral is an elusive yet important goal when attempting to positively engage a wide variety of consumers. However, determining whether an app has what it takes to truly catch hold can be exceedingly difficult, especially with a market saturated by apps of every description. While app monitoring software can […]

call apps

How do call apps provide cheap calls?

[ 0 ] June 19, 2015

Tweet Staying connected these days is easier than ever. With a huge number of people across the globe doing business, making friends and building relationships, technology has allowed us to seamlessly reach out to friends, loved ones and colleagues in a number of different ways. If you’re constantly making calls to other countries, however, the […]

Document Writer Mac app review

Document Writer Mac App Review

[ 0 ] June 4, 2015

Tweet Good, affordable, and lightweight word processors are quite rare to find on the App Store. This is one of the main reasons that make Document Writer to be such a compelling product. It’s a magic, easy to use word processor which can make the writing as well as the picture have the perfect layout. […]

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