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  • Tech startup

    How to kick off your tech start-up idea the right way

    Tweet If you’ve ever thought about setting up a tech company or ever had a great technology based idea you’re not one odd. Great tech companies come from little acorns. The biggest issue that people face is that they tend to avoid acting on them. The number of ideas versus the number of people that […]

  • Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

    Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

    Tweet A lot of people ask me, “what’s your advice for social media marketers?” I say, “Stop talking about social media!” If you Google ‘social media’, you’ll find about 3 billion results in a matter of 10 seconds. Yes, it’s THAT popular. Pair your query with words like ‘techniques’, ‘mistakes’, and ‘trend’ and you’ll see […]

  • Data

    Data and the big debate

    Tweet The thing about digital communication technologies is that they bring information to life. It’s not just that they put people in touch with each other; what all the smartphones, social media and all those tracking apps do is take away the guesswork that we all used to rely on. From share dealing to dating […]

  • What are the 3 Thinnest Smartphones in the World?

    What are the 3 Thinnest Smartphones in the World?

    TweetMobile communications have always been a popular avenue of technology, especially for users that are particularly mobile on a daily basis.  The main purpose of a smartphone is to make sure that it is easily transportable and can be fit into relatively any space to maximize its efficiency. With that being said, companies are beginning […]

  • Apple TV with Siri

    Mock-up Images Illustrate what a Future Apple TV may look like

    Tweet Imaged above: Apple TV with Siri In case you haven’t noticed, our TV experience has dramatically changed over the past 5 years. Online streaming services such as Netflix, LOVEFiLM and Blinkbox as well as other media apps are now taking centre stage as features which consumers lust after, and the technology behind our super […]

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Detailed Information About DVDFab Bluray Copy

[ 0 ] April 15, 2015

Tweet DVDFab Bluray copy is one of the most complete and powerful software options for copying, burning and cloning Blu-ray. You can copy the Bluray files to your hard drive or even to a blank disk of Bluray. It allows a very speedy conversion and offers an simple, intuitive user interface. So, are you ready […]


Glove tech that could change your life

[ 0 ] April 14, 2015

Tweet There are many reasons why you might need to wear gloves, from working with dangerous chemicals to examining patients in a medical environment. They might just seem like accessories, but with many different types and styles available from companies like Brosch Direct it’s clear that each design has a specific purpose. In fact, gloves […]

6-inch android smartphones

Junk In The Trunk: Ideal Specs For A 6 Inch Smart Phone

[ 0 ] April 6, 2015

Tweet If you’re in the market for a 6 inch smart phone, then you need to pick a model that actually gets stuff done. The last thing you want to do is buy a 6” smart phone that’s rendered useless because of poor battery life, poor processor speeds, really bad PPI or some other system […]

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Graduate position

How to use social media to get a graduate position

[ 0 ] April 10, 2015

Tweet The battle to get a graduate position is a hotly-contested one. You should rightly be proud of the degree you have earned at university but you need to accept that, on its own, it’s not enough to make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll undoubtedly be on social media and be used to […]

Super Compilation

5 of the most creative watches ever designed

[ 0 ] April 8, 2015

Tweet When it comes to watches, it seems the more intricate, unique and stylish they are, the more fascinating they become. The classic timepiece, sold by renowned companies like Tic Watches, has been transformed over the years and with quirky, awe-inspiring and often mind-bogglingly clever features being added to complex designs the results are rather […]

Monsters Doors

Monster Doors Android Game Review

[ 0 ] April 1, 2015

Tweet Launched by DUBAKISoft in February 2015, Monster Doors is an enjoyable and interesting action shooting game that can be downloaded on Android based devices from Google Play, as an app. This game can be perfect for people who love games that can stimulate their adrenaline. With five characters and 180 levels, the game promises […]

Business Technology

business management

6 Features and Benefits of CRMs That Any New Business Should Consider

[ 0 ] April 10, 2015

Tweet If you are thinking of getting new CRM software for your business, you might not be aware of several features that you may be able to access through a good CRM. Some of the features and marketing ads for the CRMs may be confusing or even stunning to you. You should not compromise on […]

PCI Standards 2015

How and Why You Need to Comply with Tougher PCI Standards in 2015

[ 0 ] April 6, 2015

Tweet (Pixabay) On January 1st, 2015, version 2.0 of the PCI DSS was replaced by version 3.0. This means that complying with these standards has become slightly more difficult. What is PCI 3.0? The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of specific technical and operational requirements that must be met […]

Credit card trends 2015

Top 5 Credit Card Industry Trends of 2014

[ 0 ] April 6, 2015

Tweet To the average consumer, the credit card industry doesn’t change much. For all they know they still swipe the plastic, enter their pin and that’s all there is to it if we’re ignoring interest rates and repayments. However, for anyone working in the industry, things change all the time and 2014 was no exception. […]


Pixbee – Cinematic Cam App Review

Pixbee – Cinematic Cam App Review

[ 0 ] March 21, 2015

Tweet Enhancing your photos and videos is made easy on the iPhone, and there are plenty of ways to go about it with apps. But a new app caught our attention this week after one of our editors was caught using it – it’s called Pixbee. Pixbee is an iPhone app that helps you enhance […]

Three Crush App Review: A Unique Numbers Puzzle Game

Three Crush App Review: A Unique Numbers Puzzle Game

[ 0 ] March 4, 2015

Tweet Three Crush is a challenging numbers puzzle game with full of dynamic characters, good graphics, an interesting environment and pleasant sound effects. After you get started, the app becomes really addictive. You need to impress the League of Numbers by making the largest Number Nymps that you can make and crush them before reaching […]


App Review – Zimly for iPhone!

[ 0 ] March 1, 2015

Tweet Do You Know That Zimly Is Now The Top Rated Home Media Cloud For The Best Services? You can now enjoy quality services like watching private videos and listening to music by using this classy home media cloud services. The media now provides more than you may expect. It is even more reliable since […]

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