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Jakk Ogden, Senior Editor UK

Aloha! I’m Jakk the creator of this wonderful website. I have been ‘blogging’ for 6 years across numerous different websites and just love consumer technology. In my pocket I have an iPhone 4, Kindle 3 and very soon a Motorola Xoom. I have been covering and editing news within the tehcnology industry for over 4 years. Check out all my latest posts here.

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Email: jakk(at)technologyblogged(dot)com | Twitter: @technoholicjakk | Google+

Alec James – Editor, Author UK

Alec James is a true technology enthusiast and has a highly opinionated and fresh view of the tech industry. Alec covers the latest news and reviews hi-tech products for Technology Blogged, but his true passion is within the music industry where he runs his own Indie music blog, Misc Music. Check out all Alec’s latest posts.

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Email: | Twitter: @miscmusicreview

Benny Sabghir – Editor, Author US (New York)

Benny Sabghir is an experienced technology analyst who has worked on some very high quality websites in the past. His specialist subjects surround netbooks and ultra portable computing, offering advice and guidance on these products as well as contributing to the latest news.

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Email: | Twitter: @Sabghir_Benny

Tom Armenante, Contributor, UK

Tom Armenante is a bi-regular author for Technology Blogged and holds a computer information systems degree for which he studied at Lincoln university. Tom has a keen eye for fantastic blog’s of a high quality, and has a varied amount of interesting opinions on consumer electronics.

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Robert Haslam – Author, contributor (UK)

Robert Haslam is a gadget enthusiast, he isn’t as much concerned with the specs of products, more how they make you feel and how you interact with them. During the day time he works in marketing for a range of mobile industry clients but won’t let that influence his views or thoughts. He grew up with computers in the house from birth and remembers when you had to type commands to get programmes to run. He is in many ways, an unashamed geek.

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Twitter: @robertphaslam

Shane Curran – Contributor, Ireland

Dia Dhuit! I’m Shane, the newest author here at TechnologyBlogged. I live in Ireland (hence my opening phrase!). I spend most of the day on the computer whilst working as a freelance software developer as well as being a blogging fanatic. The gadgets I use on a day-to-day basis are my trusty HTC Desire Z, my Archos 70 and my XBox 360. Check out all Shane’s posts here.

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E-mail: shanecurran(at)gmail(dot)com | Twitter: @TechieShane

Guest Poster – From around the world

Ahh the mystery of the guest poster! At Technology Blogged, we publish a wide variety of articles from freelance writers. All articles submitted by freelances are put under our GuestPoster author account, however the majority of them feature a signature biography at the bottom of posts, letting you hit up their details should you feel so inclined. View all guest posts on TB.

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