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4 Essential iPhone Apps for any Professional Blogger

[ 2 ] Posted by on July 27, 2012

iphone apps

Apps are becoming an integral part of our mobile lives today. Every smartphone has apps that can carry out one function or the other. We have apps that game lovers will fall for, while there are also apps that will challenge your mind. But we cannot neglect the fact that apps that will motivate and inspire to do more important things are emerging in the Apple app store.

While doing a research for some cool apps on itunes, I came across some apps that are very interesting for bloggers and felt the urge to share them with you in this blog post. I hope you’ll be able to use these apps to your benefit as a blogger.

This post follows on from our list of 8 great Android Apps for bloggers.


Evernote is the app you need if you are a busy blogger that needs to always schedule your tasks and set priorities. This app gives you the opportunity to create notes, add tasks and put points for your future blog posts on it, even when you are on the go.

Evernote has the ability to open to a new note screen (with just a tap), where you can do all the important stuffs you can do on a phone like create a text, image or voice. Evernote is a good app for bloggers and one would not mind having it on your iPod touch, iPhone and even you iPad.

Though, critics have said the iPad version of Evernote is a “disappointing effort.”

WordPress for iOS

WordPress for iOS, just like every WordPress blogger would guess, is your Worpress app for iPhone, iPad and all the iStuff clients. If you are a blogger using an iPhone or iPad you’ll definitely want to get this app on your device.

Not only does it make updating your blog through your iPhone or iPad easy and flexible, but it also gives you the privilege to use your admin rights on the smartphone like no other app will. You can easily moderate comments, add blogs to the app and even create new blogs on it.

You should get this app on your device if you always crave every opportunity to update your blog on your smartphone.


iBlogger has been referred to as the app of jack-of-most-trades, and this is owing to its multi-platform blogging functionality. iBlogger is great for you on any platform you blog from, is it WordPress, ExpressionEngine, Blogger, Blojsom, drupe or even Typepad. The list is endless.

I’ve tried this app on my iPhone and it happens to be the only app I’ve not uninstalled after trying it on my iPhone device.

iBlogger has a lot of good features including sleek designs, buttons for hard functions, a display of blogging-platform features and finally the most important which is being able to map your post to the location you were when writing it.

Overall, this app is worth the publicity it has gained and I won’t doubt it if it were given the ‘app-of-all-trade’ award!

Awesome Note

Awesome note would go on to be the finest “to-do” app for bloggers. It features categories where you can simply sort out notes of your to-do lists in a way that’ll be convenient for you. Awesome note has landscape mode that actually makes it possible for you to do serious typing in case you want to type a long note or journal.

Combining this app together with Google calendar and Evernote will only shape your blogging life for the better and make you more focused to spend your time in useful things.

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  1. Gemma says:

    Some excellent iPhone apps here for bloggers. My personal favourite is Evernote, but I have used WordPress in the past.

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