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Design Tips for Optimizing iPad Application Development

[ 7 ] Posted by on January 11, 2013

iPad App Development

No one can refute the fact that Apple’s iPad is the most celebrated tablet computer in the market. With an operating system designed around simplicity which appeals to all age groups and a splendid touch of technology, an iPad offers you the comfort of using both your hands just like accessing your laptop but in a compact manner. This wonder device is designed in the size of an animated, adventurous, fun-filled and colorful story book of the elementary classes.

The outstanding and out of the ordinary apps of Apple for the iPad make it a multi-faceted device, with functionality ranging from a weather monitor to a productivity tracker, making it an incredible part and parcel of daily life. iPad application development has become a great challenge these days as the App Store already has millions of apps covering almost everything. Here are a few essential things to consider before designing an optimized iPad app:

Know your target audience and feel their presence within you

iPad apps are not developed just to fulfill the needs of clients or to satisfy the creative thirst of developers. Instead, they are crafted to convince the target audience. Thinking in terms of the end users and feeling their presence within you will certainly motivate you to think out-of-the-box.

‘No two minds think alike’ is the real concept that you need to understand at this juncture but identifying the common needs of a specific group of people in terms of age, locality, profession etc., will help you in designing an app that has an edge over run of the mill apps.

Think in terms of the ultimate user and ensure that your design is user-specific

User-specific apps always win undoubtedly as they are designed with the end users in mind. Think in terms of the features and aspects that would be appealing to users. If you are designing an app for cooking, ensure that you have the appropriate images of the dishes, displayed with the right colors in an enticing manner.

Just think how effectively your app’s design can find a place in the minds of your users.

Simplicity will make your app apparent

The iPad is known for its wide screen size that gives a ‘user experience like never before’ and better compatibility.  But trying to fill up your iPad screen just to make it look like your app has a lot to offer will bounce back to you faster than it was released in the iTunes store.

Try using simple and noteworthy designs with appropriate menus, easy navigation, clear instructions to users, interactive content and other vibrant features to keep users engaged. A minimalist design can still win in an iPad’s big screen with its own elegance, cleanness and to the point information, as that is what is required of an app.

Implement the latest technologies

Technology comes along with Apple Inc. and its greater gadgets and the iPad is not an exception at all. The iPad can be called as a fusion of a Mac Computer and an iPad touch. With a built-in camera, microphone, multi-touch screen and various other advanced features, the iPad gives you a cutting edge platform to design brilliant apps with the latest technologies. iOS SDK, X Code, Objective-C and Interface Builder can help you design and develop exceptional apps for the iPad.

This has been an expert guest contribution.

Brain Taylor is the VP, Business Development at Forix Mobile. Forix specializes in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms and have recently started serving clients with their initiatives in mobile app development Phoenix, AZ.

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  1. i wonder if there is any comparison in the number of iPhone apps Vs custom ipad apps development service on any other platform like android or blackberry ?

  2. Well, this is a very helpful post. Thanks for the information you provided. It would be great if got more post like this. Nice and wonderful pictures and comments as well. Thanks for sharing with all. BY

  3. iPad is all about ‘User experience’. The only thing which puts tablet’s apart from smartphones is better UI and readability. It’s important to keep these things in mind while designing an iPad app.

  4. Ethan Samuel says:

    Thanks for sharing Great tips for effective optimization iPad app development. It is very helpful for every iPad app designer.

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  6. Robert Weeks says:

    iPad application development has become a great challenge these days as
    the App Store already has millions of apps covering almost everything.

  7. Hi there. Really a great post. Keep sharing like this. 🙂

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