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iPad Mini firmly Beaten by Nexus 7 in both Specification and Price

[ 12 ] Posted by on October 23, 2012

iPad Mini

Apple unveiled their brand new iPad Mini today along with a new 4th generation full-fat iPad, new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and an all new, thinner iMac. It is the first product on our list above however which has drawn the most excitement from consumers although scouring the internet, responses have been extremely mixed thus far with many doubting whether or not the iPad Mini is a good piece of kit for the price asked of it.

The iPad Mini features a completely new design from the original iPad, however that all familiar gorilla glass covered display and aluminium back are still apparent. It has a 7.9-inch display at a resolution of 1024 x 768 with 164ppi and will come in 16GB/32GB/64GB memory capacities. Inside you will find a dual-core A5 processor, around the back a 5-megapixel camera and you can have an LTE modem so long as you opt for the cellular version upon checkout.

The iPad Mini is 7.2mm thick, weighs 0.68 pounds and claimed battery life from Apple is around 10 hours. For all intents and purposes on paper this little iPad is a fairly tempting tablet computer for anybody who has not bought an iPad yet or has been holding out for a smaller version, although the devil is in the detail when it comes to specifications and there are a few eyebrows being raised as to the technology inside the machine or more specifically the processor inside it.

The iPad Mini is behind the Nexus 7 in speed

First, lets start with that A5 processor. If the name sounds familiar it should; this is the exact same processor as found in the iPad 2. That’s a processor now two generations behind the latest 4th gen iPad. It is a dual-core SoC which does an ample job of powering applications and browsing the internet however it is in no way blistering by 2012 standards, and compared to the quad-core Tegra 3 processor found within this tablets nearest competitor, the Nexus 7, the iPad Mini is slow slow slow. This decision as to processor can only have been made due to cost and Apple wanting to keep their profit margins up (this is the only real reason we can think of) because for any other reason but this, the A5X would have been a much better choice.

The iPad Mini has a lower resolution display than the Nexus 7

On top of being slower than the Nexus 7, the iPad Mini also has a worse display. The resolution of the iPad Mini’s display is 1024 x 768 with 164ppi; compare that to the 1280 x 800 HD display on the Nexus 7 which features 216 ppi, along with the fact that the Nexus 7’s display is smaller, and you can fairly say without even seeing these devices that Google’s tablet has Apple’s beaten in this regard.

So the iPad Mini is slower than its nearest competitor and its biggest feature (its display) isn’t as good, either. Surely then Apple’s iPad Mini will be competitively priced versus similar storage-for-storage Nexus offerings? Well…

Pricing for the iPad Mini is as follows; £269 for the 16GB WiFi, £349 for the 32GB WiFi, £429 for the 32GB WiFi, £369 for the WiFi + Cellular, £449 for the 32GB WiFi + Cellular and £529 for the 64GB WiFi + Cellular.

Pricing for the Google Nexus 7 is as follows; £159 for the 8GB version, £199 for the 16GB WiFi version and a 32GB one is to be announced very soon by Google themselves, with the price likely to be cheaper than even Apple’s 16GB option.

With the pricing for the iPad Mini’s nearest competitor significantly lower than Apple’s tablet, a lot of consumers have jokingly started writing that the iPad Mini is essentially a shrunken iPad 2 with outdated innards and a ridiculous price tag. The question is, what do you think?

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Comments (12)

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  1. Jakk says:

    I just personally do not understand their pricing, either.

  2. Samuel 007 says:

    Oh my oh my have Apple screwed this up, official crapware alert!

  3. Tim says:

    This is not so bad, if people are tied to Apple services i can see why some would buy it!

  4. Karren says:

    Apple have lost their edge now

  5. Daffyd says:

    The processor is actually three generations behind the iPad 4, not two.A6X – iPad 4A6  – iPhone 5A5X – iPad 3A5  – iPad mini, iPad 2, iPhone 4S

  6. Daffyd says:

    The processor is actually three generations behind the iPad 4, not
    two:.A6X – iPad 4 A6  – iPhone 5A5X – iPad 3A5  – iPad mini, iPad 2,
    iPhone 4S

    • Jakk says:

      Daffyd, yes you are correct taking in to account Apples whole product range. I was however only referring to processors as found in the iPad range. 4 generations, minus two.

  7. Dhvanesh says:

    There is no doubt that Nexus 7 resolution is better than iPad Mini. However, I think 1024x768px resolution is totally fine for mini slate. And on the flip side, there isn’t 5 MP camera and 4G LTE on Nexus 7. There are 275,000 apps built specifically for the iPad so there is almost an app for anything you need. And iOS ecosystem is just awesome.

    • Jakk says:

      The iPad Mini is a mini iPad which runs on 2 year old technology. It is not worth the money asked of it, at least in my opinion. This is a case of Apple being sorely beaten by other manufacturers.

  8. Peter Smith says:

    I really agree. For me, a 7-inch tablet is a perfect form for
    travelling. The extra real-esate on the display of the iPad Mini whilst
    offering more info on a screen is a drawback to me for the portability

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