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Apple iPhone 5 Features, 2012 Release Date and Pricing

[ 43 ] Posted by on April 23, 2012

iphone 5 features

If you are  curious about the iPhone 5 features which will be hitting consumers in 2012 then you are not alone because the iPhone 5 is the most highly anticipated smartphone of 2012. With thousands of Google searches every month with people just like you seeking the facts as to what the iPhone 5 will launch with it makes no wonder that we have created this iPhone 5 features round up of all the lovely features Apple’s next generation iPhone will have.

Because the iPhone 4S was only released on the 4th of October, 2011 all of these iPhone 5 features aren’t official however these are the features that we think will probably make their way over to the future iPhone in 2012, and also the features we think you really would benefit from in the iPhone 5. We were personally disappointed in a few ways with the iPhone 4S, and here’s our two cents that we hope the iPhone 5 is a massive update over the iPhone 4S this year.

iPhone 5 features

Read on to find out more about what the iPhone 5 will be like and also the specifications which we would like to see in Apple’s next generation handset.

iPhone 5 mock up

Below is an image of what the iPhone 5 may look like. As you can see from this mock up against an iPhone 4 (identical to the 4S in many ways), the iPhone 5 features an elongated home button which allows the handset to be shorter. The display on this mock up is also larger than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4’s.

iPhone 5 features, specifications

iPhone 5 – Unibody Design

iphone 5 unibody

Apple take note, glass has been used twice now and aluminium unibody should be next on your list. If the next gen iPhone was to feature a unibody enclosuse it would make for one beautiful handset and also an incredibly durable one. A lot like the HTC Sensation, Apple’s iPhone 5 could incorporate the antenna to the back of the device and also have a detachable rear fascia, although this is hugely unlikely.

Probability 7/10

iPhone 5 – Even more storage

iPhone 5 storage

Yes! More storage! With smartphone owners using an increasing amount of apps and downloading more and more movies from iTunes more storage on the iPhone 5 is inevitable as flash storage becomes thinner. 64GB will become in norm in 2012, but let’s just hope that Apple can keep the price of the iPhone down next year as they have this year, because currently flash storage is very expensive.

Probability 9/10

iPhone 5 – Capacitive, back lit home button

iphone 5 home button

The home button on the iPhone 4 and 5 is the least technologically advanced part of the handset, and in 2012 it could very well bring with it multi gesture input for scrolling and bringing up special menus. This would allow easier operation of the iphone during single hand usage and it could also feature LED lighting, flashing when an incoming call happens or when you have a text message whilst your iPhone is on silent.

Probability 6/10

iPhone 5 – Higher resolution camera

iphone 5 camera

The war of the megapixels is ever lasting, and next year I wouldn’t be surpised if handsets with a 10 megapixel camera started to become the new black. Of course, added megapixels are all good, however next year I would suspect that Apple may contact lense suppliers and seek out camera components to crush the competition and future proof their handset for another year.

Probability 9/10

iPhone 5 – Better graphics

iphone 5 graphics

The iPhone 4S’s graphics are no slouch being 7x faster than the iPhone 4’s, however in July 2011 we attended a Qualcomm Snapdragon event where they showcased some of their future roadmap and the chips there boasted graphics comparable to an Xbox. If Apple is deadly serious about app development and future proofing gaming they’ll have to up the ante and offer graphics far superior to that of the Xperia Play, Sony’s stab at the mobile gaming market.

Probability 10/10

iPhone 5 – LTE 4G Connectivity

iphone 5 4G

With the ever growing world of wireless technology, the inclusion of 4G connectivity would allow iPhone 5 users to download content similar to that of home broadband speeds. 4G connectivity will also make its way over to more and more smartphone’s in 2012, so if Apple wants to stay on top it’ll have to introduce this feature.

Probability 8/10

iPhone 5 – UK and US pricing

iPhone 5 price

The iPhone 5 will most probably be exactly the same price as the iPhone 4S, making it just as accessible as it’s previous version. Apple will most probably keep the price up as to keep the next generation iPhone as a premium choice over Android handsets.

iPhone 5 – release date

So when the iPhone 5 be released? Well it’ll be released almost certainly after July, 2012 and possibly a direct year after the iPhone 4S, with a release date of October 2012 being very probable indeed. This will allow Apple the time it needs to analyse trends within the upcoming smartphone’s of 2012, and also assess the market demand for features such as 4G connectivity and smartphone displays. Now, a lot of rumors will fly around on the internet over the next few months regarding an iPhone 5 maybe coming in Q1 or Q2 of 2012 but do not listen to them, as you only have to take a look at Apple’s product release dates to see they are all just dribble. Another reason to discard rumors which will surface regarding the iPhone 5 coming sooner than July 2012 is because Apple’s iPhone 4S will sell perfectly well, despite it not being (aesthetically) a major upgrade over the 4.

We’ll update this post

As new news leaks surface of iPhone 5 parts we will update this post accordingly and future proof it for everybody. Make sure you bookmark it for future reference to compare our notes to what will really happen in 2012!

Apple’s original iPhone was unveiled by Apple’s prior CEO Steve Jobs on January the 9th, 2007, and since then has grown to become the world’s most popular single device smartphone. Reasons for this include extremely good marketing from Apple, having huge developer support for their App Store and also pushing the boat when it comes to smartphone thinness and design. On top of that, iOS, Apple’s operating system, is the smoothest OS out there on a smartphone.

UPDATE: A lot of very recent rumours are pointing to the iPhone 5 shipping with a 4-inch display, possibly made by LG but most probably by Samsung.

UPDATE- According to CNET the iPhone 4S was not Steve Job’s last project however the iPhone 5 was, and it features a whole new redesign according to sources close with them.

Fun iPhone 5 features, video

The video below is pretty cool indeed, and features some really cool features which we would all love to see in the iPhone 5. Perhaps we are wishing too much though. Hit it up, baby!

Your comments on the iPhone 5

We are interested in what everybody else thinks will appear in the iPhone 5, so feel free to post all of your thoughts below (comment form open to all) or re tweet this post so people can get their opinions in.

PS: Digging this story, news or review? Let us know! Comments open.

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Comments (43)

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  1. iPhone 5 Feature says:

    it is such a massive shame that Apple didn’t bother to try hard with the iPhone 4S. Hopefully however a lot of the iPhone 5 features here will make it in to Apple’s next handset because lets be honest, they are going to have to up their game to keep their smartphone demand high.

  2. XXXServer says:

    As long as the 5 isn’t made of glass the 5 will be a win! Good points made here – our iPhone gallery is pants Apple. Come on, give us 3D.

  3. Does above detailes be true?If yes, that’s wanderful, I will get one.

  4. Jay Gould says:

    I’ve never really like the iPhone series, more of a blackberry person myself, but I’m definitely impressed by the functionality of the Apple software Releases.This features will certainly come in useful to those who need them, so i’ll be telling my friend (who’s looking to buy the new iPhone) about this post!

  5. Down to earth says:

    Nice down to earth features on your wish list TB. Hate it when people want rocket thrusters attached to their smartphones.

  6. originaltecher says:

    Unibody ftw!

  7. Bob says:

    I don’t see the iphone 4 as flawed. Unibody design is overrated, and if you really are the type of person to drop your $800 phone all the time and smash it, you have two options: a) you’re stupid and you shouldn’t have one, or b) buy an otterbox. No. I am not an apple fanboy, actually I despise most apple products. But the iphone 4 was the best option at the time for my smartphone replacement as my nokia e72 was going in to retirement. Would I buy another one? maybe.

  8. originaltecher says:


    Unibody is over rated yet Apple swears by it for it’s Macbook line?

    As for your assumption that “you’re stupid and you shouldn’t have one” if you drop your iPhone 4, haven’t you heard of human nature?

  9. Rod says:

    What about:

    Clock on the screen on sleep mode (like cheap nokia)?
    call recorder built in or app?
    Answering machine built in or app?
    true multitasking?
    enable disable multitask?
    Exit button on all apps?
    memory slot?

    and many more…

    • Jakk says:

      An exit button on apps is a great idea!

      To be honest the thing I personally want most is a back button so that I do not have to keep going back to my home screen to open an app.

    • Sam says:

      Let me give this a shot:Clock on the screen on sleep mode (like cheap nokia)?Agreed, I think this should be accomplished with widgets, much like the recorder built in or app?Lots of privacy laws come into play on this one, so unless some random develper wants to make an app for that, dont hold your breath. Answering machine built in or app?Um… VM?true multitasking?It absolutly does already….enable disable multitask?I can see a use for this, so I will let it slide.Exit button on all apps?Some apps work better doing their thing in the BG, I say no to this one.memory slot?Get real, guy!  The moment Apple puts an SD slot on the phone, there would be SOOOO many hacks, bootlegs, and whatever else “undergrounders” could make up.  Other than filling the phone with music, could you really fill it up with other data that you MUST have?  Really?

  10. Anis says:

    Well, i’ve always been a fan of apple, and their factinating products, but for me the apple iphone 5 is the best in their production line, but personally i think that they should not have made it shaped like a brick, as the iPhone 3Gs is sleek, stylish, and lovely to hold, and was really nice to just slip it into your pocket.
    My advise don’t make it shaped like a brick, a phone should be comfortable, slick, and a truely an extravegent phone.

  11. Sam says:

    I could not agree with you more about the widgets.  I am a VZW user, and have been waiting for too long to have an iPhone on my beloved network.  I have been contemplating for a while about sticking with droid, or get the iPhone I so desire (when available).  I like the widgets and would like to see them on an iPhone, I also like the hot spot.  If it would come standard with out a jailbreak, I would be over the moon.  Great article, guy! 

  12. AvitoDVD says:

    Maybe its true, but whatever..

  13. Karly. says:

    I don’t believe this. (:Also, I don’t like the look of the apps.

  14. Jonnie says:

    Great insightful post on the iPhone 5. I hope that some features do make it most notably unibody!

  15. Davex says:

    Android ftw.

  16. Hickerroi says:

    I hope to christ they put NFC into the real iPhone 5 features.

  17. […] the Apple craze people have to get their hands on the latest iPhone, who are seeming to get those iPhone 5 features which have been missing from the iPhone […]

  18. vanessa says:

    hi wat up

  19. Sam says:

    The capacitive home button sounds interesting!

  20. Jasonx says:

    Need a capacitive home button!

  21. ASHORI says:


  22. Superman says:

    The iPhone 5 features I want most are; unibody aluminium design, a 3.7 inch retina display, a slide up gesture to minimise apps like on webos and more options for my notification centre. If Apple is listening, I want to be able to change my brightness and toggle wifi through my notification centre.

  23. Asad says:

    I’d love to have bigger screen in iPhone 5 and NFC Capability.

  24. Ali Ahmed says:

    iPhone 5 should have a projector like in the Samsung Galaxy Beam, and dust proofing and water proofing. In current form, I think iPhone is just too fragile.

  25. blett70 says:

    if i there was even a slight chance that i would buy a iphone. iwould want to remove ios it a outdated software and its so “smooth” because of the lack of features and it being a closed in cell (“jailbreak”). give me a samsung any day the galaxy s3 is going leave what little technological edge the iphone had in the dust. give me freedom apple thats what it should have k”. 

  26. blett70 says:

    make it an open os its a closed in prison cell i dont want to have to “jailbreak” an os to get the ease and customization. no one could ever convence me that ios is smoother and simpler and could still be on par with android. its smother because it lighter more confined. it takes too many steps to get anything done with ios the maps, email, the web i cant even use dolfine browser the way i want. the samsung galaxy s3 is going to destroy what little tech edge the apple folks had left i mean the iphone looks just like it did when it came out. you want me to buy an i phone let samsung make it they all ready provide 25% of the parts that go into it anyway. ok mabey that went t far but apple let me have my phone and eat it too.

  27. aidan says:

    i hope it comes with its own torch instead of spending money on apps like them wich should already come with the iphone such as torch,gps and i think there should be a setting to place a light on the home button so u can see it when it is dark or use a glow in the dark one

  28. Rod says:

    When I first read this post I had an iphone and back then I liked it…since then I´ve switch to android (Galaxy S2 for now) and to tell the truth, the best thing I did on smartphone experience. Apple will never make iphone as nice as it could be …iOS is outdated, limited and boring, locked in every possible way and I don´t like to be pushed around by apple. Look at this phone 5. It is a joke!

  29. TechTipsGuy says:

    Jakk Ogden – your work is really Great ! well I really love iPhone5 screen clarity – Retina Display and speed. one can play any type of HD games with superb graphics quality. 

  30. Revi Western says:

    Hi I have this Phone 🙂 but the big question for me comes down to simplicity of toggling connectivity. Well android has had built in connectivity toggles (3G/4G, BT, Wifi, GPS, etc) for years. Has iOS 6 ushered in this simplistic and yet HIGHLY valuable feature or do I still have to drill into 13 menus just to turn BT or Wifi on/off?

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