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Amphibian Inno Pocket iPhone 4/4S Waterproof Case Review

[ 1 ] Posted by on November 3, 2011

Inno Pocket Review

iPhone 4S cases everywhere, but which one to choose? Well for the majority of us, the one that looks best will be the one which gets our cash. But what about the one which is made purely for those times when things are bound to get messy? Picture this; you go on holiday and subsequently book in to a scuba diving trip and in a hurry to get out of the door in the morning, after having one too many the night before, you pick up your iPhone 4S but forget your digital camera. Once at your destination and all set for a splendid day, you take a few pictures of your spouse before butter fingeringly dropping it in to the shallows. Now in most cases, your iPhone 4S would be completely screwed, but the case we have for review today promises to save your day. And your photo’s. And your life (well not literally).

Read on to find out whether this iPhone case is all it is cracked up to be.


  • Patented waterproof, protective and slim form fitting design
  • Guaranteed waterproof to the international standard IP68
  • Submersible to 9.9ft/3m
  • Polycarbonate inner See-Thru shell for everyday use
  • Silicon jacket for added drop protection
  • Make and receive calls like normal phone.
  • Touch screen works though waterproof case
  • Allows for underwater pictures and video
  • Atttachment points for a lanyard
  • Patent no.: 7,641,046 B2
  • Compatible with both original iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S
  • Dimension:122x63x29mm, Weight: 98g

In the box

The box for this product is a fairly standard affair, and makes use of the top part of the box as a slider for the inside plastic tray to which the case has lived since it was packaged at its factory. Along the front, sides and back, is branding and the slogan ‘beyond protection’.

In the box you will find your case, the plastic tray which houses it, and then nothing else. This is to be expected with cases, however it is always nice to have a cloth or screen protector thrown in there too, and it wouldn’t cost Inno Pocket very much to do this either.

Out of the box, first impressions

First impressions were mixed. The very first time I took this iPhone case out of its box it struck me as weird. In my hand there was an incredibly grippy, fairly light and transparent case with an intriguing yellow band around the back and two metal screw-down crowns much like you would expect to find on say a divers watch.

Now, I’m the sort of guy who looks at something and assesses it before I get stuck in, however other than the two screw-down crown’s at the back of the case, which obviously needed un-screwing, there were no clear instructions on the box nor a clear leaflet within the box to help me out with the process. This is unfortunate really, especially considering some aspects of the case are prone to being broken.

Case design, build

The Inno Pocket iPhone 4 / 4S Water Proof case is made up from3 separate parts, being 1) an internal polycarbonate completely see through shell, 2) an outer silicone gel case and 3) a back plate which seals it water tight. Each part of the case plays its own role in your iPhone’s protection, and one without the other simply wouldn’t work, so if you break or lose one part then you are out of luck I’m afraid and will have to buy another.

Amphibian from InnoPocket

Part 1 of the case, the internal polycarbonate shell, is a snap together affair with the top part latching on to seal the deal. Overall, this part of the case is fairly flimsy despite Inno Pocket marketing it as a polycarbonate hard shell for every day usage. Want some advice? Don’t use this part of the case on it’s own for everyday usage, because it’ll break eventually and as stated above, this without the rest of the case makes it redundant. There are two screw inserts at the back of the hard shell case, however this panel is detachable but part of this section of the case ultimately.

Part 2 of the case, the external wrap around silicone skin, fits around the iPhone 4 with hard shell in tow nicely and like a glove, protecting cut outs and all ports from water and dust ultimately. To sum up the material, it isn’t the soft touch silicone I was used to but rather the same type of material (a higher quality though) as those jelly sandals you buy for the beach. Of course, the silicone case is fairly thin, meaning it will not stand up to a drop on to sharp or serrated surfaces but rather will provide adequate shock protection and of course, full waterproofness.

Part 3 of the case is what makes the whole thing waterproof. It is a solid plastic back with two metal screw down crowns in it, as well as an insert for a curious looking yellow band along the inside of it. This is what makes the case air and water tight, so under no circumstance should you break this or treat as an elastic band and flick at your cat (not that I do this).

In use, water test

Once I put my iPhone 4 in to the case and screwed down the crowns at the back of the case  it was time for a water test, hit up the video below to see me, my iPhone 4 and this case in action.

As you can probably tell from the video, the iPhone 4 remained dry and the case did an ample job at living up to its selling point of being waterproof, thank god. In the video you will also not that I couldn’t get the touch screen to work underwater, this is simply because of something I didnt think about to ebgin with – to use the case with your iPhone underwater, there needs to be an air pocket between the case and the iPhone. This works fine as long as there is one.


Overall this case is quite the accessory. On the one hand it isn’t entirely practical for your daily bus, train or car drive commute due to the soft case being all too grippy to offer seamless swipes, however on the other hand this is ideal for anybody who might be prone to dropping their iPhone 4 or 4S in to a swimming pool, or canal for whatever reason. As stated above, we couldn’t get our iPhone to work with this case underwater for any gesture input however this was down to user fail (you’ve got us). All in all, it’s an ideal case for anybody who needs rugged protection with a reassurance against water, one of the things that will void your iPhone’s warranty under damage.


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  1. Joe Cottam says:

    We currently have some in stock and I have used one myself and I have to say it really is a fantastic case for the price. Works great for taking photos and videos under water!

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