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Common iPhone 4S Faults to Look Out For [UPDATED]

[ 104 ] Posted by on July 1, 2012

Common iPhone 4S Faults

Do you own an iPhone 4S? Are you having a few problems with it? Do you think you have iPhone 4S faults and want to know whether you are the only one?

With any product that sells over one million in 24 hours there are bound to be some problems with some of them. I for one had problems last year with my iPhone 4, and subsequently got it replaced at the Apple store. My fault however wasn’t exactly common (the backlight failed), but with so many new iPhone 4S handsets being shipped you might just end up with a dud, despite Apple’s quality conscious build quality. Find below then some common iPhone 4S faults which have surfaced online so far.

iPhone 4S faults

Find below some common faults we have received through e-mail and Twitter from our readers regarding the iPhone 4S.

1. Siri “cannot connect to the network”

It was bound to happen, and some iPhone 4S handsets aren’t playing nice with Siri, Apple’s personal assistant. To fix this, try going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings, and then turn Siri back on. If this doesn’t do the trick, make sure ‘Data Roaming’ is turned on and this may fix your problem. If this doesn’t fix your problem, just remember that Siri is still in Beta testing and as such your best call of action is to go to an Apple bar to see a genius.

2. Backlight fault

I had this happen to my old iPhone 4 and one of my cousins new 4S handsets has also malfunctioned in this way. Essentially, your screen’s back light fails however you will still be able to just view content under a direct light. The only way to fix this is to get your iPhone replaced, for free, so long as it is not water damaged.

3. Broken apps

With all new software releases come some apps which don’t play nice, and Apple’s App Store features some apps which don’t work. Your best call of action if the app is free is to delete it and re-download however if it doesn’t do the slightest bit of help, then you’ll have to wait for the app makers to update it accordingly.

4. Overheating

Electrical components + heavy usage + glass shells = overheating, it’s fact, and it is common within all smartphones (i’ve played with a few toasty S II’s in my time). If your iPhone is getting a bit warm whilst playing games or watching media then you should know that this is not abnormal, however if your smartphone starts getting red hot when the battery is charging then you should look at getting it replaced, before it breaks or worse, catches fire.

5. Cannot hear caller during calls

According to some forums some users of the iPhone 4S are reporting that they are unable to hear people down the other end of their iPhone 4S whilst making calls. Whilst some people may think this is a hardware fault, checking your iPhone 4S for any dirt or debris trapped in the ear hole should be done before taking it to an Apple store. If you are completely lost for ideas, then we recommend you go to an Apple store.

6. Yellow Screen

Within any high selling product customers always report that some handsets get plagued with the ‘yellow’ screen, and our readers have tweeted to us that the iPhone 4S is suffering from the same problem. Already dubbed ‘Yellowgate’ (a play on words from the iPhone 4’s antennagate) there is no other fix for this iPhone 4S fault than to get it replaced, and you have every right to do so. This particular fault has some consumers complaining about the quality of the phone for the price it is at.

7. Poor battery life

Some iPhone 4S users are reporting poor battery life on their handsets. Apple engineers have contacted iPhone 4S users regarding their battery life, according to The Guardian, where an Apple customer was contacted by an Apple engineer after his iPhone 4S was performing poorly even after location services and Siri we’re turned off. If you’re iPhone 4S is having battery life issues, do let us know in the comments section below.

8. Loudspeaker problem

According to a few users tweeting us and leaving comments, some iPhone 4S handsets are experiencing a loudspeaker issue whereby it does not work and selecting the option via their touch screen does nothing. For stuff like this, hit up Apple forums to see if there is a fix for this however as I have recommended in a reply to a commenter, taking it in to an Apple store is best.

iPhone 4S fault updates

[Update 13/11/2011: After Apple’s software fix for the iPhone 4S Battery life in iOS 5.0.1 users are still reporting poor battery life. Some users are even going as far to say it is clearly a hardware issue and not possible to fix through software. Note however that some users are also saying that their iPhone 4S is fixed].

[Update 02/11/2011: Apple has now confirmed that bugs in iOS 5 are what’s causing excessive battery life drain, however with iPhone 4’s not being affected, one can only presume it is in fact Siri on the iPhone 4S which is causing it. Apple has promised a fix within the next couple of weeks for this issue, so look out for a software update on this front from Apple but in the meantime, lay off Siri].

[Update Feb 2013: Apple has released iOS 6.1.1 o address user battery life concerns on iPhone 4S and also iPhone 5].

Tell us about your iPhone 4S faults

If your iPhone 4S isn’t functioning properly be sure to let us know by commenting below, we’ll try our best to help and offer guidance for those affected.

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Comments (104)

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  1. Liverpool67 says:

    I have had the same problem as a couple of you guys where my phone signal has dropped. I have had tech support from 3 and Apple have tried to get me to pay £25 over the phone to fix the problem. I have booked in to see someone in the Apple Store this weekend as I am so annoyed that after 3 nights on the phone to tech support they are not admitting there is a fault with the stupid thing.

  2. james ambrose says:

    1.  Battery life is short.  Just reviewing my new iphone 4s uses batter life.2.  Volumn is not high enough, even set at max, to hear from speakers whether on a call or listening siri.   

  3. Reji Thomas says:

    I am having Iphone 4S. now a days i am not able to use any of the features before that it coming out to main screen. example if i am sending sms not able to complete before that it automatcially coming out. Same as every apps.can anyone sorted out this please

  4. Bec says:

    I have so many things wrong with m iphone 4s its only 6mos oldIt noLonger plays music on loud speaker or during a call  and it plays only sound when connecte to a dock or wen i have my earphones in Itunes and ipod keep crashing and my phone randomly freezes It has been dropped since reporting these issues but apple is taking it in to be fixed next week!Thank god

    • Jakk says:

      I still use my iPhone 4 (not 4S) alongside my newer HTC One X (yes, I like iOS and Android) and the iPhone 4 has been fine to me so far throughout life. The 4S seems to be a much more trouble prone handset!

      • Bec says:

        What is tr actual difference (specs wise)Between the 4 and the 4s I originally wanted the iphone 3cause its lighter but got the 4s instead and paid $1000 for it now 6mos later its worth about $650Thinking of just sellin it and getting the samsung galaxy s3 

        • Jakk says:

          Specifications can be found at the Apple website as well as a comparison. However to break it down for you:

          4S has a screen featuring better colour reproduction

          4S features a much better camera

          4S is a lot faster

          4S features Siri

          Hope this helps! 🙂

  5. Maja says:

    My Iphone 4s sometimes looses backlight too when I press home button. I can see apps only under a direct light. And when I press home or sleep button couple of times my normal backlight returns. Is that a hardware problem?

    • Jakk says:

      Yes! You need to take this to an Apple store they will replace it for free if still under warranty. A few years ago my iPhone 4 did the exact same thing!

  6. Maja says:

    Thank you very much! :)It is under warranty, it’s only 8 months old.We don’t have an Apple store in my town but I’ll take it to the T-mobile where I bought it.

  7. Maja says:

    As I wrote to you before, I have backlight issues that happen sometimes (maybe once a week). I press home button and backlight isn’t working (and I still can see all the apps.) Since it’s under warranty I took it to T-mobile’s service and they called me today that they couldn’t find any problem with it?! I mean, what?! My phone’s backlight fails every couple of days and I have to pretend now that everything is fine just because they couldn’t find any problem 🙁 What should I do?

    • Jakk says:

      Hi Maja. That’s pretty terrible service. I take it your handset is out of warranty? Any hardware issues with your handset draw up code errors which are stored accessible by an Apple Genius. Perhaps, you could visit your Apple store, get your fault in writing, and ship that off to T Mobile along with your handset.

      Other than this, perhaps you could sell it to Envirofone or other service, and upgrade.

      Hope this helps you?

  8. Maja says:

    Hi Jakk 🙂 My handset is still under warranty. Since I live in Croatia, we don’t have an Apple store here, closest one is in Italy or Hungary and that’s why I had to go to T-mobile and their authorized service. I called them again and they said they would try to test my phone a little bit more (but with them, I’m not too optimistic, cause that issue appears once in couple of days). After that I’ll see what will I do. Maybe I’ll sell and upgrade, like you suggested.Thanks for your help 🙂

  9. phil p says:

    I have had two iphone 4S phones on contract from vodafone, the first i got replaced under warranty because i could not get a signal anywhere. the problem got worse the longer i got the phone. the replacement has now developed the same fault, so i have requested another replacement under warranty. I have tried doing a factory reset, running it with no apps installed, done all the IOS updates, and its got so bad i cant even get a 3G signal in strong signal city areas (such as central london). the signal is worse than my old Iphone 4, and the 4S has twin antenna’s! my latest 4S even managed to knock out the vodafone suresignal booster which I had to buy, because apple phones are so poor. These iphones have let me down so many times, they are nothing more than an Ipod touch (they cannot be used for texting, phone calls, or roaming data). Apple seriously need to sort this out, I will be going Samsung next time.

    • Jakk says:

      Phil, I completely agree. You are not alone with this issue and it is a well known iPhone 4S fault. At least Apple have a good warranty, eh?

  10. sarah says:

    Hi, my iphone 4s has sound when it rings but can get no other sound. Have done a system reset but still the same. Any ideas?

  11. David Craig says:

    Had a problem with my I phone on off button so I called orange and because it was still in warranty from apple I had to take it to one of their stores. A tech guy looked at my phone and to my surprise and disgust he told me there had been an unauthorised repair to my phone!!! WtfI have had the phone from new from orange and its been in a protective case due o my work ever since!! It has never been broken never mind repaired!! There is screws missing inside and a shield of some sort , plus the microphone isn’t working and a few other hings!! Could orange have sent me a reconditioned phone!! They have both said the wont help me!! 

  12. Dale greig says:

    iPhone 4S won’t go onto wifi any help

  13. Michele says:

    Hi my iPhone 4S changed all it’s alert sounds on it’s own and I can’t change the back. It also hangs up mid conversation.  Sometimes it doesn’t even ring and I get several missed calls and the person calling said it was ringon for agaes! This has been a dud from the beginning but I though it was me.  I loved my iiphone 3 bit I hate this 4s hmmmf!

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