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Top Apps to manage your iPhone 4S

[ 1 ] Posted by on March 26, 2012

Top Apps to manage your iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is far too versatile a tool to be used only for the very basic tasks of voice calls, text messages, e-mails and web surfing. Many people are using the iPhone to go beyond the communication, information and entertainment functions to using it as an aid to their business or profession. There are over 300,000 apps in the Apple Store and new apps are being created every day. With a little effort, you can find the right applications that can help make your own day-to-day life easier.

1. Wunderlist

Most people cannot trust important tasks to memory and need to make lists of things to do. The Wunderlist is one good app for this purpose. The tasks can be entered as they come to mind and classified into different folders such as personal or business or even as shopping lists. The tasks can be assigned a priority, for example an asterisk indicating tasks that must be done immediately, a hash sign for tasks that must be done that day and so on. The lists can be set up to be shared automatically with family members or co-workers. When a task is completed or a new one added, the updated list is synced with the shared users.

The Wunderlist sends e-mail reminders of tasks that are overdue and this mail can go to people who share the list. There is no need to check the lists to find delayed activities. The Siri feature on the iPhone 4 can be used to speak new tasks into the Wunderlist in place of typing them in.

2. Evernote

Evernote is an iPhone app that allows you to take notes during a meeting or discussion or to jot down ideas or thoughts as they occur. These notes can be voice or keystroke entries or can be a sketch, a photograph taken with the iPhone camera or a web-page. The notes can be assigned tags, stored in folders and searched by keyword for retrieval. They can be annotated, edited and sent out by e-mail for information or action. The recorded notes can be archived on the cloud or synced with your home or business computer.

3. Drop Box

The Drop Box is an app that enables you to store and share files using the internet cloud. Any file created on your home or business computer and stored on the local disk can be mirrored on the Drop Box. Each time you modify the local file, copying it to to the Drop Box icon updates the file stored in the cloud. Drop Box is now configured for use on the iPhone and permits access, modification and updating of files shared between a dispersed work team using different devices to access the data.

4. Mocha VNC lite

Most large companies have a large number of business applications that can only be accessed through computers connected to their internal networks. The Mocha VN lite application permits the iPhone to connect to the business computer and displays the desktop screen. The iPhone user is able to access all applications as though he was sitting in front of the business computer.

5. Basecamp

This is project management software to handle complex tasks that cannot be done with simple lists. Take for example a project to replace damaged shingles on a roof. Several agencies would be involved including the home owner, the materials supplier, the transporter and the shingle fixer. Basecamp permits the project to be detailed out as specific tasks and assigned to different people. Inter-dependencies between tasks can be factored in so that, say, a delay in material availability signals the transporter to defer sending his truck and notifies the shingle fixer and the home owner not to expect the work to be done that day. Basecamp also acts as a common communication medium between the parties to share ideas and exchange information.

Basecamp is more intuitive to use than more complex project management software.

None of these apps are unique and there are several competing apps that perform the same or similar function. This list of apps is also not intended to be relevant to every iPhone user but simply to illustrate the possibility of using the iPhone as a business tool besides its conventional smartphone features.

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  1. Keith says:

    My favorite app from the list is Evernote.

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