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uCiC – A User Driven Photo Assistance App

[ 0 ] Posted by on December 4, 2017

uCiC app

There is a saying that a single image is worth more than a thousand words, and this is especially true for photographs. With mobile devices, getting photos was never easier. Smartphones and tablets alike offer their users the ability to take as many photos as they like. Aside from that, other mobile device features like GPS location and social networking allow for the sharing of the same photos on an even bigger level.

But, even with all this technology, the users still need to know what they are looking for in terms of photos, and how can they find them.

Now, a company called Snapwise produced an app called uCiC which can deliver the combined force of social network and the location-based assistance for getting the needed photos. The app was created for the Apple mobile devices, which means that it can be found and downloaded on iTunes service. The app requires iOS 7.0 or later version and is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch. uCiC was additionally optimized for the iPhone 5 and is completely free.

uCiC app on iTunes

The primary concept of the app is the ability of the users to request photos they need on uCiC. The application includes characteristics of a social network, meaning that the same requests get sent anonymously to the users that have the app installed and are currently in the geographical vicinity of the place that needs to be photographed.

Through the use of GPS locating, all users in the vicinity are informed about this offer by a push notification. If they accept this offer and get the photo to the requester, they earn Karma points, which then allow them to request themselves new photos.All this is produced without any issues regarding privacy and security. The real identity of users remains hidden, and their whereabouts are protected by anonymous GPS tracking, so that everyone can remain anonymous if they desire.

This simple process makes uCiC an ideal tool for getting images in real time and from real people who live and work in the same locations. Other features include simple control of maps and their points of interests, a simple to understand Karma system and a very clear visual design that offer easy use of the device’s camera. This elegance and simplicity offer this app a big advantage over its competitors. Other similar applications provide fewer options, but at the same time, make them clogged and hard to comprehend.

With uCiC, the users can build a human network, where they can share questions and get visual answers, make comparisons and find the latest updates on anything they are interested in. All these features mean that the app a great solution for sharing and receiving photos with users all over the world. Free Download at iTunes:

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