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Why an iPad case is essential for protection and fashion

[ 0 ] Posted by on November 23, 2012

Retina iPad

The latest fourth generation iPad was released last month with the LTE 3G and 4G models expected at the end of November. There was some initial surprise when Apple announced the fourth generation would be released less than a year after its previous model, however the four includes Apple’s lightening connector, not to mention a processor upgrade, improved WIFI and 4G LTE compatibility.

Everything else about the iPad remains the same. All the good stuff of course including the stunning retina display and high quality cameras.

Once you have managed to grab hold of your very own iPad, its protection from scratches, knocks and marks becomes an important matter to have in mind, especially if you’re planning to travel around with your device.

So what are the benefits of investing in a good quality iPad case?

If you look it’s hard to find an iPad user in public without a protective case. Although the iPad is brilliantly designed and built to the highest quality, it’s not enough to let your iPad stay uncovered and I would always recommend taking extra precautions to increase the durability and longevity of your shiny new toy. As a short guide I have outlined the key benefits of having an iPad case:


  • This is obviously the most common reason iPad owners invest in casing. No matter how careful you are in handling you iPad, unintentional damages can happen anywhere. There may be instances when you drop your iPad or scratch it with an abrasive material. Many cases provide total protection for the device, ensuring it’s well secure if dropped or trodden.


  • For the majority of us, an iPad is a costly investment which deserves the protection and security it deserves. Insuring the device is an option of course but do you really want the hassle of sending your device off to be repaired if something does happen that could be prevented?
  • A good quality casing will work out far cheaper than insurance or replacing your iPad. Think of it as a small one-off investment which will not only last as long as your device, but add the security you need to ensure it remains intact.


  • Let’s face it, as much as a case offers protection, you will want it to be as sleek and stylish as your iPad looks without. Fortunately cases come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, textures and designs to suit anyone’s style.

There are of course many other benefits of using a case to protect your iPad 3 or iPad 4, many including an array of technical features I haven’t even touched upon including Bluetooth keyboards and stands which transform your device into a mobile laptop. There are so many options out there at reasonable prices that you would be crazy not to protect your expensive gadget!

About the Author. Les Yates is Marketing Manager at The Snugg, who sell a range of leather cases for the iPad 3 and 4, along with various other iPad and other device accessories.

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