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Jakk Ogden is the founder of Technology Blogged. 25, with a love for good writing, you'll find Jakk playing 'Drag Racing' on his Nexus 5 and rocking a pair of Grado headphones. If you love technology, be sure to subscribe to his feed for unique editorials.

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Internet Security Elements are Vital for Going Online

Internet Security Elements are Vital for Going Online

[ 0 ] April 17, 2017

The internet has become ubiquitous in all aspects of life. From private gaming to lifesaving treatments in hospitals to everyday business practices, new internet security technologies are needed to protect the web, system networks, and individual devices from malicious programs, viruses, and malware. Here are some key security elements to make surfing the internet safer. […]

6 Tips to make your Network Smart and Reliable

6 Tips to make your Network Smart and Reliable

[ 0 ] April 7, 2017

Internet of Things has become the need of the hour as we are living in the digitalized world. People are connecting remote monitoring system to track their devices and vehicles to know the location and save fuel. Health monitoring systems like fitness trackers, thermostats, security cameras, home automation system, television all are connected to the […]

BYOD - bring your own device

BYOD – How to Keep it From Turning into BYOR

[ 6 ] April 4, 2017

There is a new and interesting trend afoot on the corporate horizon. In today’s environment of continued economic sluggishness, companies with an interest in cutting costs and boosting employee productivity both locally and virtually are trying out arrangements that allow employees to BYOD – “bring your own device” – to work. Devices employed may range […]

VOIP Business

Can Hosted VoIP Save Your Business Money?

[ 0 ] April 3, 2017

Over the next few years the usage of hosted VoIP services in businesses is expected to grow by at least 30%. VoIP’s ability to improve flexibility and productivity is of huge benefit to many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as those looking to make cost cuttings. The amount that a company can save […]

Can you boost mobile phone signal at home?

Can you boost mobile phone signal at home?

[ 0 ] April 3, 2017

Yes, you can boost your mobile phone signal at home using several different methods.  There are two options that should solve any and all cellular reception problems in residential or even non-residential areas, and are offered by some of the various cellular service providers.  The price of the devices varies based on who you buy […]

harsh chemicals

Is Your Business Up To Scratch? Health and Safety Requirements For Working With Harsh Chemicals

[ 0 ] April 2, 2017

For many businesses, working with chemicals is a fact of life. A surprising number and range of firms require the use of substances that could pose a danger to their employees. Whether it’s cleaning, manufacturing, agriculture or construction and industrial painting, there’s a host of sectors that could involve an exposure to chemicals and, as […]


10 Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff: A Checklist for Project Managers [INFOGRAPHIC]

[ 0 ] April 1, 2017

Infographic brought to you by Wrike – Project Management Tool Online

Monsters Doors

Monster Doors Android Game Review

[ 0 ] April 1, 2017

Launched by DUBAKISoft in February 2015, Monster Doors is an enjoyable and interesting action shooting game that can be downloaded on Android based devices from Google Play, as an app. This game can be perfect for people who love games that can stimulate their adrenaline. With five characters and 180 levels, the game promises many […]