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Jakk Ogden is the founder of Technology Blogged. 25, with a love for good writing, you'll find Jakk playing 'Drag Racing' on his Nexus 5 and rocking a pair of Grado headphones. If you love technology, be sure to subscribe to his feed for unique editorials.

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The Benefits Of Online Shopping

The Benefits Of Online Shopping

[ 0 ] June 19, 2017

Online shopping has completely changed the world. For those who work in traditional retail, this might not be a welcomed change. However, for the average consumer, there are only positive things to say about the rise of digital retail. If you’re someone who’s been reluctant to really and truly hop on the online shopping bandwagon, […]

Mermaids Millions

Mermaids Millions Slot Review – A Micro-gaming Gambling Experience Like no other

[ 0 ] June 19, 2017

Online gambling has taken off in popularity in recent years and this has led to a rise in not only the number of players taking part, but in the amount of games being made as well. For many people, online casino games such as slots, roulette, bingo and others are a great way to pass […]


Easy Way to Keep Your Documents Safe from Unfair Users

[ 0 ] June 16, 2017

The rhythm of modern life makes us all the time to be flexible and adapt to the ever-changing conditions. That is why authors and publishers, who offer digital products, need to think about copy protection. There are several methods available to all to protect documents from copying and authorized use: Archived files with a password. […]


Graffitier: The Future of Social Networking

[ 0 ] June 9, 2017

Graffitier is that one Android app that best underscores the message that you only live once; why don’t you live it fully! With a sleek and intuitive design, the app allows you to relish each moment of your life, share it on your social networking platforms indicating the location you are in and be awed […]


Top 5 IOS Gambling and Gaming Apps

[ 0 ] June 2, 2017

The use of iPhones and iPads has increased tremendously over the years and this brand has become one of the most popular brands in the world. These devices were common among people in the United States but people in other countries did not embrace them completely until recently. Perhaps this was because they are relatively […]

Risks of public Wi-Fi we constantly forget about

Risks of public Wi-Fi we constantly forget about

[ 0 ] June 2, 2017

We can’t imagine the world of today without online activities, can we? Nowadays it is not only possible to work from home by the means of remote access but to get the education online as well. Almost every day we visiting public places and kill time by going online. What are the biggest mistakes we […]

website launch

Launching Your Very Own Website

[ 0 ] May 16, 2017

Most businesses these days, no matter what their size, niche or target audience, can benefit greatly from having some form of online presence. Social media has gone some way in helping companies, brands and individuals gain loyal online followers which has been the ideal and often most cost effective platform for those looking to directly […]

Internet Security Elements are Vital for Going Online

Internet Security Elements are Vital for Going Online

[ 0 ] April 17, 2017

The internet has become ubiquitous in all aspects of life. From private gaming to lifesaving treatments in hospitals to everyday business practices, new internet security technologies are needed to protect the web, system networks, and individual devices from malicious programs, viruses, and malware. Here are some key security elements to make surfing the internet safer. […]