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5 Unique ways HTML5 could Benefit your Blog or Business

[ 2 ] Posted by on April 10, 2013

HTML 5The new standard for programming language for web applications is called HTML5. On paper it looks like it will have a major impact on the evolution of the Internet industry in the years to come. This however is a claim that has been made before; remember when the programming gurus said that Java would one day replace all commercial programming. The HTML5 developers are offering a rich feature set, which is much higher than that of HTML4. HTML5 aims to enable the development of Web 2.0 applications, with the same level of usability as the mobile applications like those found on the Google Play Store or Appstore.

If you are the owner of a business which operates online or even a professional blogger, HTML5 could open up a world of opportunities and benefits for your business. Here are just some of them.

1 – You can use HTML5 on Smartphones, Tablet devices or PC’s

HTML5 has a major difference when compared to past versions. They may be launched and manipulated via a standard web browser on a PC and on a mobile phone. As a result a HTML5 web app installs as easily via the web browser of a Smartphone, via the Appstore or Google Play. Once installed, it opens like a traditional application.

If you are creating apps for their business or for sale then you can use HTML5, whilst being safe in the knowledge that the application will work on PCs and Smartphones/Tablets. If you are selling apps then you have a bigger market to sell to when using HTML5. If you are using it for business then you can use your applications on your staff’s PCs and their Smartphones. Technically this may mean that people may start work whilst they are traveling into work (if they take the train/bus to work).

2 – There are so many people using HTML5 that you will be at a disadvantage if you do not use it

The standardization of HTML has now reached the maturity, and a level of reliability, sufficient for the creation of operational web applications. Adoption has already occurred by most of the major players in the industry. According to a study conducted by Evans Data in December 2011, 43% of web developers in North America and 39% of developers in Europe already use HTML5.

Another significant landmark is that, according to several estimates, over 400 million mobile handsets in the world already support HTML5 standard, this figure expected to exceed 2 billion by 2016. Content writing services can better make their writing look better with HTML5. With so many other companies using HTML5, and so many people who are projected to be using HTML5 compatible devices in the future, it seems that the biggest benefit to using HTML5 comes through not being left behind. Do you really want to be the only company not using it?

3 – You do not need to use Adobe Flash.

This may not seem important now, but the iOS operating system already does not allow Flash, and the Androids future versions will not allow Flash. This means that HTML5 is going to be more valuable than ever to your business if you are already using Flash. A key advantage of a Web AppHTML5 is that you do not need to use other components such as Flash or Microsoft Silverlight.

The code itself can display HTML5 videos and sound clips. You can even integrate a drag-and-drop system. This makes it compatible with any device regardless of manufacturer or its OS. There is therefore no need to develop a separate smartphone application or platform.

4 – It has a universal standard

HTML5 has a universal standard, which makes it finally possible for a genuine convergence between all systems, and all platforms, connected to the Internet: Connections such as computers, mobile TV, but also, by its ability to modify existing business models. The HTML5 programmers made the technical promise that all the benefits of a traditional mobile application will still be available, without the associated disadvantages.

What does this mean for your business? It means that you can invest in HTML5 applications whilst being save in the knowledge that you will be able to convert and use it with other mediums.

This is not like investing in an app or program that is done with C# or Visual Basic–you are able to use this app on a wide number of hosts and platforms. So when a massive number of companies and systems convert over to HTML5, will it benefit your company to do the same? The answer is clearly yes, both technically and economically.

5 – Development times will be slashed

Due to the fact that HTML5 is standardized and able to be used on various operating systems, it means that development times with therefore be greatly reduced. You will not need to develop a web app for the IOS, IE, etc. You can just develop one app and disseminate it amongst all of the various systems.

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  1. Daniel Hay says:

    This is a great post. Cross compatibility of this latest code is its biggest strong point, with the ability to show on tablets, smartphones and any browser (bar IE6, yuk) a must.

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