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Can Hosted VoIP Save Your Business Money?

[ 0 ] Posted by on April 3, 2017

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Over the next few years the usage of hosted VoIP services in businesses is expected to grow by at least 30%.

VoIP’s ability to improve flexibility and productivity is of huge benefit to many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as those looking to make cost cuttings.

The amount that a company can save with hosted VoIP depends on how your business is set-up, the size of your business, as well as a number of other factors – but the reality is that it could be a significant sum to you.

Let’s look at some of the different ways business hosted VoIP can help you save money and improve your business at the same time:

Reduce Call Costs

One of the most notable advantages of hosted VoIP, is that with calls being made across the internet, you’ll be reducing your call rate costs significantly.

This cuts out an ongoing monthly cost to your business.

Reduce Hardware Costs

A traditional landline telephone setup includes the purchase of PBX cabinets and other hardware that all adds up.  With hosted VoIP, you don’t get these bills, there are no huge overheads – simply the cost of the handset.

This alone can save you company the initial £££.

Increased Work-from-Home Potential

Your VoIP solutions can be configured to redirect calls to your employees, wherever they are at the time.  In the office, working from home, on public transport, hosted VoIP is a solution for this.

The result of this is increased telecommunications for your business.  Allowing your employees to work from home brings the potential of renting a smaller and therefore cheaper office, as well as saving on additional utility costs.

Working from home is also a morale boost for many employees – no long and stressful commutes to work, whilst reduce transport expenses in the process.

Is your business ready to start reducing costs by switching over to hosted VoIP today?  Get in touch with NT Cloud Solutions who can help with saving you money today.

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