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Get a Better Idea of Your Employee Productivity

[ 0 ] Posted by on March 11, 2016

Employee tracking

Work Examiner helps small to midsized businesses manage their offices. In short, Work Examiner is a work monitoring tool. The software allows you to have control over nearly all aspects of the office. These include the three main areas which are the Web Usage Control, Surveillance, and Work Time Tracking.

The web usage control portion of the employee tracking software gives you several main functionalities. First it lets you see your web usage analytics data. Think of it as a report showing the entire offices internet usages. In addition, the web usage control section also gives you the web access data in the form of reports showing which computers have accessed which websites – it even includes the time the access was granted. This effectively gives you an overview of who have used which websites at any time. Work Examiner also allows you to add web filtering, which lets you control which sites you’d like to block at the workplace, such as Facebook. The web usage control also lets you set ‘flags’ for when a specific website is visited by a user or computer. Overall, the web usage control portion of Work Examiner gives you full control revolving the workplace internet access.

The second main feature of Work Examiner is its surveillance capabilities. Work Examiner has a neat feature where it takes screenshots of the employee’s computer, and allows you play back the images like a movie. This effectively gives you real-time access to the employee’s screen and usage habits.

Work Examiner’s surveillance features also include its Email capturing function. This function allows you to save all out going and in coming emails sent and received from every computer so you have control over the email communication channel. This allows you to better prevent leaking company data that you’d prefer to stay hidden. Besides saving all emails, the surveillance features also include keystroke and IM recording. Giving you all data needed to monitor the employees daily tasks.

The last major feature is the Work Examiner’s work time tracking abilities. Besides recording the employees’ workplace habits, emails, IMs and monitor screen, Work Examiner also creates reports for you that allow you to easily see what kind of tasks your employees have been working on. For example, it shows you how much time an employee has been using to play games instead of using Excel. Or to which person each employee spends most time Instant Messaging with. And if this isn’t enough, the Work Examiner also gives you attendance reports to show how long each employee has been working for, on which day they took a sick leave and so on.

Comprehensively, the Work Examiner’s features are hard to beat. Loaded with functionalities, any small to midsized business owner would be able to have complete control of the office environment with ease.

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