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Great Web Design is all about Communication and not Decoration

[ 0 ] Posted by on January 22, 2013

Good Web Design

While designing a website, how many times have you only focused on the visuals of the website? All the time, I suppose. Don’t worry, you are not alone; it happens with most of the designers, as they tend to forget that they have to design the site for the end-users and not themselves. They also make the grave mistake of ignoring the fact that the users have limited time on their hands and require relevant information from the site in the shortest time possible; they do not care for the ‘oh-so-spectacular’ designs.

In order to give users what they need from the websites, you need  to follow certain guidelines, Go through some of these guidelines given below, to know more about the ways that will help you design a website that effortlessly communicates with the users.

Don’t neglect the way our brains function

Our brains are trained to find order and meaning in everything that we come across. It holds true for web pages as well. If your web page is haphazardly designed, then the users are most likely to give up and press the ‘x’ button and close the site.

A complicated design does nothing but increase the confusion in the minds of the users. Thus go for layouts that are not flashy and provide the necessary information to the users in a manner that is easy to understand.

However, that does not mean that your website has to be void of the design elements. All I am trying to say is this that your website must have a simple layout that is easy to comprehend; too many design elements can lead to a situation where website visitors lose all focus. have a great post covering 25 simple web page designs.

You can make the best use of elements like – headlines, font size, font type, images or colors in order to give it more clarity and make it reader-oriented.

Don’t forget the way our eyes move

We read either from left to right or from top to bottom, (depending upon the text) and not the other way round. It is a natural tendency we all have, as we are conditioned to move our eyes rapidly line by line, from the beginning of the text to the end.

Having said this, I must also mention that it causes our eyes a great deal of strain when we constantly readjust their focus. But web designers in hurry to meet project deadlines, at times, tend to overlook this fact and are more focused on designing sites in a way that can ‘stun’ the readers. They experiment with designs, such as lots of colors on the same page, bizarre fonts etc.

The website may look uber cool in the end, but these excessive visual elements cause strain to the eyes, which can be really irritating at times. This shifts the focus away from the main objective of a website and mars all the efforts.

Remember, your visitors seek information, not shock!

Don’t forget the purpose of the website

The purpose of a website is to provide information to the users and this should be the entire heart and soul of website design. Thus, instead of decking up the website with graphics and other similar things, a designer must focus on delivering the information present on the website to the users in an interesting manner.

Think for a moment, what will you do to make your website look credible to the users? Will they come back again to the site or refer it to a friend, colleague or family? As simple as these questions may seem, these will help you decide how to design your site.

You need not abandon your design skills for this. All you need to do is, make use of the necessary elements and do away with others that make the website appear like a show off. When you remember this fact, it will help you design your website effectively.

To conclude, I suggest that you take note of the above mentioned points especially if you want your visitors to turn into your potential customers. For extra reading, here is a great post from on 2013 web design trends.

Sebastian Atwell is working with a professional web design services provider company- PerceptiveWebDesign. He has extensive experience in web design and has contributed in many web design projects. He also likes to update his knowledge in various technologies. Having a passion for writing, He likes to share his write-ups on various platforms with people who share the same wavelength.

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