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How to Attract More Instagram Followers

[ 0 ] Posted by on December 10, 2017


To say that Instagram has exploded recently would be an understatement. It is now one of the largest and most active social networks on the planet, and for photographers, brands, and people alike it represents a huge opportunity to build a following of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans.

As most people have realized though, attracting Instagram followers requires effort. It is a highly competitive and sometimes dirty business, but the bottom line is that people aren’t just going to follow you for no reason – you need to give them a reason why they should want to follow you. Here are some ways you can do just that

Follow a ‘theme’

Most of the wildly successful Instagram accounts tend to follow a central theme. It could be a food or architecture oriented, it could be landscapes, and it could even be something like propaganda posters or adorable pets. Having a ‘theme’ and sticking to it means that if people see something they like – they may follow you knowing that odds are you’ll be providing more.

Post regularly

Make no mistake, Instagram is a highly active platform and your audience is going to expect you to be posting regularly. At least once a day is fine, and if possible you may even want to time when you post so that you maximize your potential reach.

Interact with followers

Do you like your followers responding to your posts? Well – they like you responding to them too! If you’re known to regularly interact with followers who post comments then it will encourage others to do the same too, which will help attract even more followers in turn.

Try to be unique

While it is tough to be completely unique on a platform where so many people are posting photos and images across a huge array of topics, try to be as original in your approach as possible. For example: If you’re posting a selfie, ask yourself: Why would people want to see this? What makes it different from the thousands of other selfies being posted every 5 minutes?

Of course another approach is to look into buying Instagram followers – though it does tend to be frowned upon. It is up to you to decide whether you want to build up your following naturally or not – but if you decide on the former, at least you now know where you should start.

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