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How Vehicle Tracking Devices Benefit Your Business

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 9, 2018

Fleet Tracking

Some businesses may be reluctant to fit transport monitoring and control systems to their fleet of vehicles. After all, the employees whose vehicles they are fitted to may feel like they are being spied on by their company and as a result, this could create a sense of distrust and unhappiness amongst workers.

However, it’s not all bad news and in fact, vehicle trackers can bring huge benefits your business in terms of improving productivity and efficiency. However, the decision needs to be communicated to employees, and it is important to explain to them that the decision to introduce the tracking devices was taken as a way of improving the business, and is not a personal measure.

The benefit of a business introducing a tracker system is the fact it can manage hundreds or thousands vehicles and their drivers at one time.

The software works with GPS tracking devices which track information such as the vehicles’ location, route history and changes, and fuel consumption. It also provides information about the vehicles’ technical state. Tracking software also determines the drivers’ working and resting time, plus their on-road behaviour. This information evaluates the profitability and efficiency of both driver and vehicle.

Below are some additional bullet points about the benefits that a GPS tracker can bring to a company fleet:

Vehicle status monitoring: Real time vehicle usage parameters.

Vehicle activity history: A detailed and thorough history of how the vehicle has been used.

Activity reports: Different types of reports to monitor and evaluate the performance of both the driver and vehicle.

Event notifications: Information about planned and unplanned trip events.

Maintenance management: The technical and maintenance history of the fleet.

Time analysis: Reports on how the employees are spending their working time

Trips database: Information on vehicle and drivers’ trips.

Tachograph data review: This monitors the drivers’ working, driving and resting times – the installation of the device is required by legal acts in some countries, so it’s worth checking you need to before hand.

In addition to monitor how vehicles are being used, fleet management software can also help them meet their destination on the most efficient way possible. Information about new destinations, route and traffic changes, plus additional directions can be immediately relayed to the driver who in turn, can tell the client about any unpredicted delays or changed delivery times.

Most importantly for a business – because legal fees are expensive! – is the assurance of driver safety. In addition to paying attention to the state of the vehicle, transport management systems allow the installation of a panic button, which the driver can hit in the event of an emergency.

More over, special accessories can be fitted to vehicles, which will see the vehicles’ engine immediately cut out in the event of a theft. Safety first!

Some vehicle management systems are also available on mobile devices. This means all the information needed to improve the efficiency and productivity of the business is always immediately to hand.


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