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The importance of effective sales scripts in call centers

[ 0 ] Posted by on January 17, 2015

call center sales scripts

Lead generation means boosting the attention of a client towards a particular product or service. Sales leads are generated on the basis of demographic criterion like income, age, HHI, etc. These leads are then sold to other advertisers.

Lead Generation Call Centers

Lead generation programs are necessary because they enable businesses to identify potential customers. Outsourcing lead generation allows salespeople to keep up with qualified decision makers. With the advancement in dialing a system, outsourcing the lead generation program is more cost effective than doing it in-house. Outsourcing of lead generation also removes the liability and financial investment of hiring and handling extra employees.

Components of an Effectives Sales Transcript for Lead Generation Call Centers

A lead generation call center needs an effective script for making outbound calls to customers so that employees have a blueprint for leading conversations into business. It is different from a call guide which is used for business calling. An effective sales transcript helps the employees focus on communicating properly with their customers on a personal basis.

Scripts are the basically written transcripts of what the actual conversation should be. In some call centers, employees are required to read out the exact scripts, word by word. Whereas in a few other call centers, employees are allowed to replace the script on an as-the-situation-demands basis as long as it remains within the similar context.

The idea of scripts becomes relevant when certain employees are unaware of the way of conversation with a customer should take place and at times miss delivering important updates and key ideas related to a service. It generally happens when new employees are recruited to take on a project. If used in a proper manner, scripts can help agents to be more interactive and promising from the customer’s prospective.

However, a poorly written script can prove a major setback for call center agents while interacting with the customers. A well planned and written script can be convincing for a customer whereas a bad script can create disinterest. Herein come the call for a proper script.  An ideal script is the one that helps the call centre agent have a smooth flow and proper call management besides imparting the necessary information.

Scripts are highly necessary, both for customer service and telemarketing. They prove out to be extremely helpful for the agents who need assistance with eloquent speaking and customer interaction. It also ensures that the agent is able to speak clearly and converse confidently on a one-to-one basis with the client.

The interaction with the call center agent has a great impact on the impression the customer has of the company. Therefore, while choosing a call center for outsourcing, care should be taken that the agents follow a proper code of conduct on all calls. The call centre should also provide a sample script that they had previously made for other customers, and it should be checked minutely.

Some other elements of a live call script

When a call center agent criticizes the customer or blames them and is unable to sound convincing, then it proves that the script was not written well because of which the agent gave up. At the same time, the agent should not be over-friendly or over-polite. It is good to maintain harmonious relationships, but clients are not friends. Repetition of the same policies or information, fumbling, etc. can create disinterest in the customer. Time of call is an important factor in making result-oriented conversations. Long calls can be irritating – quick resolution is the key.

What poses out to be another problem is that employees seem to read scripts. However, like professional radio announcers, agents must read in a natural flow, and not let it sound robotic.

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Communication process is incomplete without the response or feedback from the receiver. So, an agent’s call can be considered effective only when the customer reacts and responds to the agent. Hence, for effective communication to take place, script must be written efficiently and effectively so as to meet the needs of the incoming caller.

The basic goal of a script is to facilitate business. This needs research of the prospective customers and their requirements. Goals should be developed and continuous track of scripts should be kept so that they can be evaluated and altered accordingly. Also, there should be regular revision and editing in the scripts of the call centre agents on the basis of how the customers react to their services. Customer interest should be of prime importance.


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