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Utilising Pinterest for your Business: A Guide to Amazing Results

[ 0 ] Posted by on March 17, 2013


You’ve probably come across the terms pin it, pinned and Pinterest recently but do you know what they mean? Better still, do you know how they can help build a larger client-base and improve your sales through higher traffic referrals?

In 2009, little-known Pinterest started to offer their ideas and interests boards making a staggering leap from 9,000 users to over 11 million hits a week in 2012. Such a huge rise in such a small time doesn’t just show a popular medium in which people share their ideas but it also lifts Pinterest in to the same league as Facebook and Twitter, which are used by 80% of businesses worldwide.

So why use Pinterest for your business and more importantly, how do you use Pinterest effectively in order to get the best results?

One thing to note about Pinterest is even though it is only juvenile in terms of time around on the internet block; it has taken the net by storm, gaining more active users than the collective of YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

With a huge amount of exposure to the general public, who actively show their interest in particular areas; it gives any Internet marketer a dream opportunity to gather valuable knowledge about their customer base and what they like. Pinterest is now regarded as a fantastic business growth solution, helping with business growth strategy as part of a social social media plan. Pinterest is a highly interactive social platform.

Being able to interact with your customers, offer them incentives and even beta testing your business ideas and thoughts helps save time and money just as an added extra.

So what do you need to do next?


Firstly, set up the account with your business name and use your business logo and design packages to give your Pinterest a branded feel. This helps iron out trust issues and also increases your brand exposure and awareness.

Link any other social media account that your business is already working with such as Facebook and Twitter. This will streamline the process of promotion, which can be a long winded approach should you promote to each medium separately.


Start by researching the boards and pins your clients are pinning. This gives you a starting point and eventually a link between what your clients buy and what interests them.

Don’t get bogged down in a niche unless you know for sure it’ll work for you. You might be catching some great fish in the local pond but, if you cast your nets out at sea, you’ll catch even more fish and as well as new fish that you can’t obtain in your local pond.

Follow and engage in all the things that interest you and the business. It’s a good idea to keep your interests relevant but, don’t be afraid of pinning something outside the box. If your pins are your product, give it a price tag and your customers will start buying into you in no time.

Make notes of your fans pinning patterns and when you’re ready to pin something, make sure that you pin when your fans usually do. Being up to date and relevant is your most powerful tool.


If you’re going to pin trashy content then don’t bother at all, this will all be a complete waste. Pinterest has done so well, because the community actually like what they see and the people who pin something actually show passion for it.

Keep your content simple but informative. I would recommend using infographics and image design tools to create easy to visualize information. We live in a fast paced world where our customers don’t want to be an expert in your product they just want to know what’s in it for them.

It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting Beko dishwashers or paper hats, you need to be thinking outside of the cube and creating something interesting for your customers.

If you pin something that is useful or pertinent to your fans, you’ll find that the traffic referrals will massively overshadow the time and effort put into the creation of your pins.


There’s nothing worse than somebody commenting on how fabulous your pin is if you haven’t got the decency to show your appreciation. You’ll create one of two images. An image that you are the best and you know it, or you’ll look like you’re no longer communicating on the boards, which means it’s pointless for anybody to follow you or promote you.

It takes 2 seconds to reply but, more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to know at firsthand how your fans feel about you, your products and your marketing strategy. You’ll also understand what they want from your business and other important marketing information to help you succeed.

The interaction between business and client is made easy and successful with a good product, good feedback and followed up by good manners.

Research and Development

No industry allows somebody to set something up, sit back and watch the money roll in. I know we all wish it was that way sometimes however, the same goes for Pinterest. You can’t just set up and gain stuff but, if you treat Pinterest as an advanced marketing tool you can use it to tweak your promotions and even your products in line with the results from your research.

Offering polls to find out relevant percentages of what people like helps you in your fact finding mission. Competitions help with gaining numbers, as incentives to act are very powerful this will be a good starting point for promotion.

Additional Information

Once you have your strategy and development in process, you’ll want to streamline processes and increase productivity. There are many useful tools for Pinterest and below are a handful of excellent options already available to help you get started.

Fast Tool

Pin-It – The Pin-It button allows you to quickly pin pictures and content. If you’re looking to utulise your time as best as possible this is the best tool for speeding up your work flow.

Social Tool

Pinvolve – This great tool simplifies pinning Facebook status updates. Once setup it will give your fans a Pin it option when they hover their mouse pointer over your status.

Analytics Tool

Pinerly – Not yet open to the public, Pinerly is a metrics tool which analyses and tracks clicks, likes and user comments. You can see which competitions’ and posts are doing the best and no which times your fans look at your pins.

With these tools and steps you’ll be able to get a better understanding of Pinterest and its imperative uses. Just like anything important it requires good planning and a passionate approach to make it work. Any half-hearted attempts will be worthless to succeeding but, those who put in the time and effort will see fantastic results from Pinterest.

This article was written by Rachel Hurley. She is a writer for Appliances Online and loves all things Pinteresting. When she isn’t working, she loves socializing with her friends and watching scary films. Follow her on Twitter @Rachel_Hurley23

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