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Verifying your Software with Code Signing Certificates

[ 0 ] Posted by on January 25, 2013

Business Security

As a business operating online or offline, software allows us to automate systems and create a more efficient working environment  For those dealing with finances or bulk orders, software is essential to smooth business operation. It makes sense then to choose the right kind of business software first time, to avoid any stress or heartache in the future.  Key things you should look at in business software include features, extras, and perhaps most of all security.

If you have software which holds valuable or important information, security is an incredibly important feature to consider in business software. As hackers become better and better, and bots become more advanced, how can businesses stay ahead of threats and most of all what precautions can they take to ensure their data is secure?

Code signing certificates could increase your software security

As the world continues to become more digitally dependent, and aware of the dangers of technical advances, it is essential that software developers stay ahead of the game with security. Investing in code signing certificates and other SSL packages is one of the best ways to authenticate your authorship of a product, and verify its validity.

Rather than purchase an unnecessary SSL package, browse online and compare SSL certificates suited to your software development needs.

Code Signing Certificates are a trusted way of assuring potential customers that the product they are buying is genuine. Without a doubt, this is highly beneficial for the buyer, as they are able to purchase (where applicable), install and utilise the software or application safe in the knowledge that it will run effectively and efficiently on their system.

This confidence in purchase is also highly advantageous for the software developer. By increasing the level of trust in your product, through the stamp of your business name or logo, Code Signing Certificates can present an outstanding return on investment, boosting sales and the reputation of your company.

As more high street retailers close their doors, the need to use Code Signing Certificates will increase. On hard copy discs and packaging it is possible to include holograms and logos to guarantee that a product is genuine. Online, this is another matter.

In August 2012, it was reported that online purchases equated to over £466.1 million, per week. With such a high flow of commerce taking place on the Internet, software developers must meet the demand and be able to assure the same level of confidence in their customers as they can on the high street.

This is where the ability to compare SSL certificates online, and purchasing suitable code signing certificates is key. Validate your authorship, and protect your business name, and your customer base, with code signing certificates.

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