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Why your IT Department is the Most Important Part of your Company

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 6, 2013

IT Department

A successful business will have many different departments working closely and efficiently together. From Marketing to HR, each department has its own unique challenges and responsibilities. How effective each department is in handling their respective duties will contribute to how effective the company is as a whole. While every department plays a role in the company’s functionality, none may be more important to the company’s overall success than the IT department.


Governance is one the primary roles of the IT department. IT is responsible for overseeing the use of data within the company. They can determine who sees what as some sensitive data may not be appropriate for all employees. This helps keep such data more secure and protects against unnecessary data leaks. Also, they can track how each employee is using this information which improves accountability.

Also, IT governs how all systems are used and is responsible for training employees to use these systems properly. This is crucial as improper use can lead to company devices being infected with viruses and serious breaches to security.


If the IT department plays the most important role in the company, then providing security for the company may be the most important role of the IT department.

A breach to security can be devastating to a company or business. The impacts from these breaches can be both immediate and long term. Many companies that have experienced such breaches face fines and legal action for losing customer data. These fines can be crippling for a company, but may not be the worst repercussions a business experiences. The long term effects can be much worse as trade secrets can be exposed and customer trust may evaporate. If either of these things happens it can ruin a business.

In most companies, the only thing standing between the company and the above mentioned threats is the IT department. IT works with employees to mitigate these risks by providing security protocol and education. The IT department also works internally to ensure that all networks and data storage devices are secure.


Another reason why the IT department is the most important department in the company is because IT provides an infrastructure and increases functionality of the company’s day-to-day business.

One way that IT improves functionality is by providing a sound infrastructure. IT establishes secure networks for the company so employees can access and exchange information easily and efficiently. This increases communication throughout the entire company and helps things run more smoothly.

Another way IT promotes functionality is by providing support to employees. Problems and issues with company software are ever present. Without the support of IT these issues would not be resolved and no work would ever get done. The IT department enables all other departments to do their jobs and be more effective. This is where the true value of the IT department is demonstrated.

Not only does the IT department support all other staff, but they actually promote productivity by increasing functionality company-wide. The IT department also provides security and protects the company against the damaging effects of a data breach. While each department serves its specific purpose within a business and each contributes to that business’ success, the IT department plays the most important role as no company could succeed without one.

Ilya Elbert is an IT Support Specialist with years of experience in the IT industry. He is also the Co-Owner of Geeks Mobile USA who provides computer repair services and technical support across the United States.

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