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Cscade – photo and video contests – Daily Contests with Real Prizes

[ 0 ] November 20, 2016

Cscade is a newly-released iOS app which provides users with the unique opportunity of taking part to different photography and filming contests on a daily basis. The app aims to showcase photographic skills of best, thus allowing everyone to compete for real prizes such as iPods, iPads and more. A new contest is created everyday, […]

Pixbee – Cinematic Cam App Review

Pixbee – Cinematic Cam App Review

[ 0 ] November 17, 2016

Enhancing your photos and videos is made easy on the iPhone, and there are plenty of ways to go about it with apps. But a new app caught our attention this week after one of our editors was caught using it – it’s called Pixbee. Pixbee is an iPhone app that helps you enhance the […]

uCiC app

uCiC – A User Driven Photo Assistance App

[ 0 ] November 4, 2016

There is a saying that a single image is worth more than a thousand words, and this is especially true for photographs. With mobile devices, getting photos was never easier. Smartphones and tablets alike offer their users the ability to take as many photos as they like. Aside from that, other mobile device features like […]

Three Crush App Review: A Unique Numbers Puzzle Game

Three Crush App Review: A Unique Numbers Puzzle Game

[ 0 ] October 4, 2016

Three Crush is a challenging numbers puzzle game with full of dynamic characters, good graphics, an interesting environment and pleasant sound effects. After you get started, the app becomes really addictive. You need to impress the League of Numbers by making the largest Number Nymps that you can make and crush them before reaching grid […]

5 Travel Apps That Are Useful While Exploring New Places

5 Travel Apps That Are Useful While Exploring New Places

[ 0 ] September 27, 2016

If you love travelling and are always looking forward to exploring new cities and countries, then these travel apps can prove to be very useful. These apps will help you find some great spots that you’d probably not find on any travel guides. Here are some of our favourite travel apps that will help you […]


Google Allo: All About Setting Up and Using the Latest Smart Messenger

[ 0 ] September 20, 2016

If you’ve been wondering about the latest smart messenger from Google which is called Allo, here’s all you need to know. From downloading it and setting it to using it successfully, we’ve outlined the simple process below. You probably also carry some marshmallows, water, tinned food and perhaps a mobile device to play your favourites casino […]

CatchUp - technologyblogged#1 2

The 5 Best Reminder Apps for Your iPhone

[ 0 ] July 8, 2016

Whether you want to unload your busy mind, or you simply want to double-check you don’t forget anything important, our smartphones are one of the best personal assistants we can have, if we just found the right tools. Most smartphones nowadays come with pre-installed calendar and to-do apps that you can use to stay up […]

Small business apps

6 Mobile Apps to Keep your Small Business on the Move

[ 0 ] May 16, 2016

If you are a self employed individual or indeed a small business owner, you know that to stay competitive in your market and to be able to perform effectively comes down to having the tools you need for your job. How many times for example have you been stopped short of a work in progress […]

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