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Sage Solutions for Small Businesses

[ 0 ] March 25, 2015

Over 800,000 businesses in the United Kingdom alone use Sage to help run their businesses. For more than 30 years the company have been helping small businesses improve the way they work with the award-winning software. Sage solutions help businesses save time allowing them to concentrate on what really matter for their business, customers and […]

Tech startup

How to kick off your tech start-up idea the right way

[ 0 ] March 21, 2015

If you’ve ever thought about setting up a tech company or ever had a great technology based idea you’re not one odd. Great tech companies come from little acorns. The biggest issue that people face is that they tend to avoid acting on them. The number of ideas versus the number of people that act […]

mobile marketing

10 benefits of mobile marketing

[ 0 ] March 19, 2015

Mobile marketing is still an underused marketing tool. Businesses who can take advantage of this are going to be one step ahead of their competitors. Here are some of the benefits of mobile marketing. Astonishing open rate As SMS marketing agencies (like Global Messaging) will tell you, the open rate for marketing text messages is […]


Google Confirms Having Made “Tweaks” To the Search Results Algorithms, But Denies Presence of Any “Update” To Announce

[ 0 ] March 18, 2015

According to a statement made by Google, the latest update that has been sighted by the SEO community is not in any way related to algorithms of Panda or Penguin. A short while back, SEO practitioners noted that there were huge variations and alterations to Google search indexing on the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). […]

staying organised

Tips for staying organized in the office

[ 0 ] March 17, 2015

Working in a clean and organized office will not only look good to potential customers and visitors, it will also grant you a less stressful working environment. Your office not only reflects you as an individual it also reflects your company and if it is unorganized and messy, it will give off a bad and […]


4 New Oracle 12c Features Improved Over Oracle 11c

[ 0 ] March 17, 2015

Oracle 12c (c standing for cloud) should be the default choice for anyone looking for an Oracle business intelligence implementation. There are several new basic enhancements across the different modules of the software and these include amongst other features the following: It is easier to install 12c than Oracle 11g(g standing for grid) A better […]

Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

[ 0 ] March 16, 2015

A lot of people ask me, “what’s your advice for social media marketers?” I say, “Stop talking about social media!” If you Google ‘social media’, you’ll find about 3 billion results in a matter of 10 seconds. Yes, it’s THAT popular. Pair your query with words like ‘techniques’, ‘mistakes’, and ‘trend’ and you’ll see results […]

VOIP Business

Can Hosted VoIP Save Your Business Money?

[ 0 ] March 13, 2015

Over the next few years the usage of hosted VoIP services in businesses is expected to grow by at least 30%. VoIP’s ability to improve flexibility and productivity is of huge benefit to many small and medium enterprises (SMEs), as well as those looking to make cost cuttings. The amount that a company can save […]

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