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5 Tips for Developing Great Apps

[ 0 ] October 29, 2014

Great apps aren’t just made on a whim, there’s a lot of work and design in their creation and a lot of care and thought in their formulation. There are a number of important things that great apps have in common from creation to finished product and we’re going to take a closer look at […]


Why Branding Online Is Key For Business Success

[ 0 ] October 28, 2014

In order to succeed in their industry, businesses need to invest time, energy, and resources in their online branding. Why is this necessary? Aren’t all the billboards, subway posters, and magazine ads enough? Marketing companies in Philadelphia would say no, because having a good website and active social media accounts is crucial for reaching most […]


Why Content Isn’t Enough

[ 0 ] October 9, 2014

While it’s nice to have a good product that will help those who use it and improve lives overall, it’s somewhat meaningless if nobody knows that it exists. Similarly, while you may have incredible and insightful content on your website that will clarify confusing aspects of your industry or present new approaches to common problems, […]

QR Codes

Three Clever ways the Gaming Industry uses Promotional Marketing

[ 0 ] October 6, 2014

The video gaming industry is the largest entertainment industry in the world – bringing in more revenue than even the Hollywood movie industry. The huge growth in the popularity of gaming across all demographic groups means that more money than ever is being pumped into their development. The most recent Grand Theft Auto game generated […]

QR Code Glass

Brilliant QR Codes Being Used By Almost Every Industry

[ 0 ] October 4, 2014

  You know, there was really a time when I thought QR codes were never going to be appreciated in the West. I went to Japan in 2006 and was amazed by these black and white codes that you could scan and be immediately taken to a website; it seemed like a great opportunity. And […]


How RFID Chips Have Sped Up Production and Lowered Costs

[ 0 ] October 1, 2014

Radio frequency identification is a technology that is being used all over the world for identification purposes. Passports, security systems, debit cards, automobiles are all such modern examples that use RFID in one way or another. The thing we used to watch in the movies in the 90’s in which the actor flashed his credit […]

Cisco 7936 IP Conference Station

High Definition Video Conferencing an Communication

[ 0 ] September 17, 2014

The video communication industry is going through a very exciting set of developments; HD video technology has made it possible to create a whole new industry standard comprised of far superior video that boasts of quality and simplicity. This new medium is highly manageable and provides a wide variety of display opportunities and IP networks […]

Enterprise SEO - Twitter

5 reasons your business needs a superior social media strategy

[ 0 ] August 28, 2014

Almost all businesses these days have social media accounts with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but just having an account doesn’t mean they are using it to their best advantage. Many businesses are told that they have to get involved in social media or they will be left behind in the new digital economy, […]

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