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Secure Payments

Do you need to take secure payments via your website?

[ 0 ] July 19, 2014

E-commerce equates to increasingly big business everywhere. In 2012 the e-commerce industry was worth $1.1 trillion (£645 billion) worldwide. Despite the UK’s relatively small size we were third only to the US and China, with Brits spending a massive £83 billion online. Dedicated e-commerce sites like Amazon and auction site eBay have led the way […]

SMS iPhone

Short Message System: The Dodo of the Communications Industry?

[ 0 ] July 9, 2014

It’s a commonly known fact that text messaging is one of the most profitable systems a service provider can offer. There are several reasons for that, but the most common one is efficiency. One minute voice call rated at 9 kilo-bits per second equals over 350 messages transmitted at the same rate. This means that while an […]

Business Projectors

Business projectors have moved on – has your firm?

[ 0 ] July 8, 2014

Remember those old, huge overhead project units your teachers used in school? Well, in the world of projection equipment, things have moved on – a lot. Today’s units are smaller, sleeker, more affordable and capable of grabbing the attention of everyone in a room, having them to become immersed in your presentation. According to the […]

Data Security

Top 5 Data Security Issues to Consider When Operating in China

[ 0 ] July 1, 2014

Getting your data to China is one thing, getting it there safe and sound is another challenge all together. You don’t need us to tell you that the country is a production powerhouse with the world’s fastest-growing economy, second-biggest consumer spending and most populous nation. You’ll be well aware that it is the globe’s newest […]

Online Training

Save Money by Training Your Employees from a Virtual Classroom

[ 0 ] July 1, 2014

Training your employees is an absolute necessity in the modern business age. Regardless of the skill level every employee is bringing to the table, you need to make sure they are on board for the way you do things in your office. Even employees who have been working with your business for years can benefit […]

small business

Small Business, Big Target: How Targeted Attacks Effect Small Businesses

[ 4 ] June 26, 2014

When it comes to hacking and cyber-attacks, certain targets are obvious. The government, large universities, banks and big businesses have all been the victims – or intended victims – of a targeted attack at one time or another. The purpose of the attacks varies, but is generally designed to steal vital information or disrupt normal […]

Online Fashion

Tips on how to run your online fashion store

[ 0 ] June 24, 2014

The arrival of online shopping has been a complete revelation for the fashion industry. It has meant that fast fashion has become even faster with new trends hitting the shelves daily. It has also opened up a host of opportunities for young designers vying to get their products noticed as well as retailers who can […]

Music Technology

What Careers Can Music Technology Courses Open Up?

[ 0 ] June 20, 2014

People often say that if you can make your passion your job you’ll never work a day in your life. So if you’re a musician the thought of being paid to play or record music all day seems like a dream. Only a few will achieve superstardom but there are plenty of opportunities beyond being […]

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