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Business mobiles

Seven ways mobiles will transform business in 2015

[ 0 ] December 11, 2014

Is it possible to predict the mobile future in a year’s time? Culture, politics and society are now intertwined with mobile technology, which continues to evolve at breakneck speed in millions of different directions. But using our crystal ball (not made with Google Glass, unfortunately) we’ve taken a guess at seven ways in which mobile […]

Cloud Computing for Business - Benefits

Technology Advances in Business Software: How It Helps You In The Long Run

[ 0 ] December 11, 2014

Business owners who have grown used to the “old methods” of doing business—ledgers, calculators, and all—may find using business software a daunting experience. Keeping up with changes in technology and the frequent paradigm shift in business models can be difficult, but if you’re a proactive entrepreneur, you understand that technological advances in business software can […]

business technology

How Technology Is Helping Businesses Across The World Become More Efficient

[ 0 ] December 9, 2014

    Over the last few years, technology has transformed the way we do business, from brainstorming and marketing to collaborating and providing customer service. Through technology, business processes have been optimized, operations were streamlined, and productivity has increased. Among the many forms of technology in use today, information and communications technology or ICT is […]

computer efficiency

Improving Efficiency In Business Through Technology

[ 0 ] December 9, 2014

Business efficiency deals with the reduction of cost to maximize business profits. Businesses incur costs in a regular basis. Labor expenses for salaries of employees are given twice a month, utility bills are paid monthly, and other contract costs may be due on a yearly basis. These are the expenses that need to be minimized […]

business computers

How The Internet Is Making Business More Mobile

[ 0 ] December 9, 2014

It’s hard to imagine life nowadays without the Internet. From work and school to catching up with friends and shopping for gifts, the Internet has become the medium that enables us to do our many activities. The Internet has also made it possible for many business to conduct their operations seamlessly and to connect with […]

business compliance

10 common compliance mistakes to avoid

[ 0 ] December 3, 2014

No matter what profession you work in there are sure to be rules and regulations you must follow from arriving on time to protecting the wellbeing of your clients. Each company and business sector is different but here are 10 common compliance mistakes to avoid. Disclosing personal information Whether you’re a lawyer or a doctor, […]

BYOD personalities

BYOD Infographic: Three Personalities for IT Teams to Mull Over

[ 0 ] December 2, 2014

BYOD stands for ‘bring your own device’ and within the business world this is a new and fast developing trend which aims to boost employee productivity both locally and virtually. We have covered this topic before on Technology Blogged, however today I received an interesting graphic which I wanted to share with you fine folk’, […]

Enterprise SEO - Twitter

5 reasons your business needs a superior social media strategy

[ 0 ] December 2, 2014

Almost all businesses these days have social media accounts with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, but just having an account doesn’t mean they are using it to their best advantage. Many businesses are told that they have to get involved in social media or they will be left behind in the new digital economy, […]

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