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PCI Standards 2015

How and why you need to comply with tougher PCI standards in 2015

[ 0 ] November 6, 2015

On January 1st, 2015, version 2.0 of the PCI DSS was replaced by version 3.0. This means that complying with these standards has become slightly more difficult. What is PCI 3.0? The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of specific technical and operational requirements that must be met by all […]


Should workers have administrative access to their workstations?

[ 0 ] November 4, 2015

You have to be careful as an employer with regard to administrative access. While workers should feel as though they can be trusted, a fine line needs to be drawn between the level of access that should be allowed on workstations – that is, desktop computers, laptops and other systems that are company-owned and not […]

Mobile Payroll Apps

Payroll software and the rise of mobile payroll apps

[ 0 ] November 3, 2015

As a business owner you will have been through it all. From the initial setting up of your company to winning exciting new projects and clients, the front end of business is always a pleasure and spurs on the entrepreneur in all of us to do amazing things. Whilst your business may have a pretty […]

Web hosting

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Web Host

[ 0 ] October 4, 2015

Many business owners rely on websites and blogs that they use to interact with their customers and attract prospective clients. While it is always important to create quality content for your site, you also need to be aware of the importance of choosing a cheap web host. The right choice will be based on an […]

Multichannel retail

5 Benefits of Implementing Electronic Retailer Management Solution

[ 0 ] October 2, 2015

Product manufacturing companies rely on their network of retail outlets for bringing products to the consumers. A challenge that the majority of companies are currently facing is the lack of an intelligent solution that can standardize the process of day to day operation involved with multi-channel retailing. Brands are constantly on the lookout for a […]


How retailers are using tech to improve customer experience

[ 0 ] October 1, 2015

In the 21st Century, technology is an important aspect of marketing and advertising a company. The use of social media and online shopping is taken as an every day part of running a business and enhancing the customer experience. Personalising your business No matter what type of service you provide it’s always important to keep […]


Running a successful corporate meeting and creating the right impression

[ 0 ] September 28, 2015

It goes without saying that face-to-face communication is the best way to discuss business with high-value internal and external stakeholders, no matter how far technology in the communications sector has come in recent times. Meetings and conferences improve professional relationships and in the corporate sector they cement business relationships and they’re frankly invaluable for long-term […]


How to Attract More Instagram Followers

[ 0 ] September 21, 2015

To say that Instagram has exploded recently would be an understatement. It is now one of the largest and most active social networks on the planet, and for photographers, brands, and people alike it represents a huge opportunity to build a following of thousands if not hundreds of thousands or even millions of fans. As […]

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