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Online security small business

Essential Online Security Tips for Small Businesses

[ 2 ] March 25, 2014

From internet access to email to online payroll software, businesses are becoming more and more dependent on online services. These services offer convenience and instant access to accounts and can save your business time and money. However, using these services also opens up your company to the risk of internet hackers. These hackers are especially […]

Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Content, Trends and Adverts

[ 0 ] March 8, 2014

An increasing amount of companies are moving their marketing campaigns online. Nowadays, few businesses are without a website, with many now relying on their website content and online marketing campaigns to solicit site visits and to convert them into sales. Traditional adverts Traditionally, marketing was dominated by print media adverts, billboards, and TV and radio. […]

BYOD personalities

BYOD Infographic: Three Personalities for IT Teams to Mull Over

[ 0 ] March 2, 2014

BYOD stands for ‘bring your own device’ and within the business world this is a new and fast developing trend which aims to boost employee productivity both locally and virtually. We have covered this topic before on Technology Blogged, however today I received an interesting graphic which I wanted to share with you fine folk’, […]

QR Codes

Three Clever ways the Gaming Industry uses Promotional Marketing

[ 0 ] February 26, 2014

The video gaming industry is the largest entertainment industry in the world – bringing in more revenue than even the Hollywood movie industry. The huge growth in the popularity of gaming across all demographic groups means that more money than ever is being pumped into their development. The most recent Grand Theft Auto game generated […]

Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

Social Media #Facepalms: Mediocre Ways to Promote

[ 0 ] February 22, 2014

A lot of people ask me, “what’s your advice for social media marketers?” I say, “Stop talking about social media!” If you Google ‘social media’, you’ll find about 3 billion results in a matter of 10 seconds. Yes, it’s THAT popular. Pair your query with words like ‘techniques’, ‘mistakes’, and ‘trend’ and you’ll see results […]

Cloud Computing

5 ways Cloud Computing will Benefit your Company

[ 1 ] February 20, 2014

If you look back to the last few months of tech trends and news, you’ll probably encounter the term “cloud” somewhere along the way. The word seems innocuous enough to be considered important, but it also piques the curiosity of even casual readers hoping to learn a thing or two about the latest in computers. […]

Get a Better Idea of Your Employee Productivity

Get a Better Idea of Your Employee Productivity

[ 0 ] February 11, 2014

Work Examiner helps small to midsized businesses manage their offices. In short, Work Examiner is a work monitoring tool. The software allows you to have control over nearly all aspects of the office. These include the three main areas which are the Web Usage Control, Surveillance, and Work Time Tracking. The web usage control portion […]

Virtual office

Three reasons to go for virtual offices

[ 0 ] January 30, 2014

Today we present three reason to go for and establish a business through virtual offices, instead of through physical ones. Lately it has been the preferred way for many startups and technology has made it viable and easy. 1. Remove distractions Working in a physical office takes time. You have to manage and support staff, […]

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