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The Battery

The top 5 technologies of all time: Inventors, take a bow

[ 3 ] November 6, 2015

We’re surrounded by phrases like “revolutionary design” and “innovative technology” all the time and sometimes it feels like we have become desensitised to such accolades. As a result, I think we occasionally need to take stock of the genuinely remarkable breakthroughs that have been discovered over the course of our history. It’s worth establishing a […]

app ecosystem

In Product Reviews, what does ‘Ecosystem’ really mean?

[ 0 ] November 5, 2015

With so many smartphones and tablet computers on the market now consumers are spoilt for choice with the number of options available to them. For avid consumers who are interested in finding out how good a smartphone or tablet really is before a purchase, expert review websites are a hot go to to suss out […]


TV Feature Guide: What does that sticker really mean? [Updated]

[ 3 ] November 1, 2015

Over the past ten years ever since the first plasma television went on sale the whole of the global community have gone crazy for super-thin TV’s. Like almost any machine within the technology industry, televisions have advanced enormously with new features and right now, in 2013, the greatest ever TV’s are upon us; the question […]

Roundup Of The Latest Microsoft News & A Glaring Problem In Their Latest Devices

Roundup Of The Latest Microsoft News & A Glaring Problem In Their Latest Devices

[ 0 ] October 7, 2015

Microsoft announced a plethora of new products during their Windows 10 devices event in New York City on Tuesday afternoon. Those products are pretty cool, and many had even been rumored of over the past few months. Let’s go through some of the products first, and I’ll get to the major issues later. Skip to […]


How to cheat on exam

[ 0 ] September 21, 2015

Exams are difficult and many times people feel they need extra help when it comes to exam time. You can learn to cheat on exams if you feel it would be beneficial to you. Make certain that you have the options you need when it comes to exam time. There are many ways to cheat […]


A game of bingo can improve your social life

[ 0 ] June 17, 2015

There are many hobbies available out there, some are tough and complex others are soothing and calming. One of the main reasons why people take up hobbies is so they can meet likeminded people and enjoy the company of others while taking part in activity which makes them happy. Bingo has social, health and even […]

Then and Now: A History of Apprenticeships

Then and Now: A History of Apprenticeships

[ 0 ] February 3, 2015

The UK has a long history of apprenticeship schemes which reaches back hundreds of years. So let’s take a step back in time and take a look at apprenticeships then and now. In the Beginning Apprenticeship schemes can be traced back to the Middle Ages where the Elizabethan Statute of Artificers stated in 1563 the […]

mobile gaming

The mobile gaming revolution

[ 0 ] January 14, 2015

Unbelievably, it’s 30 years ago this week that the first mobile phone call was made in the UK. And in the ensuing years, mobile phones have revolutionised our lives with over seven billion mobile subscribers in the world today. One area where mobile technology has really changed our behaviour is in relation to gameplay. We’re […]

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