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How to choose a good antivirus software

How to choose a good antivirus software

[ 0 ] November 20, 2014

Antivirus software is a necessity for online browsing. Despite the search engine’s best attempts to remove spammy, harmful web pages from their search results, they cannot control other ways that websites are accessed such as through social media and going direct. For this reason, an anti-virus software is needed to protect your computer against potential […]

HTC One M8 Glass Screen Protector

HTC One M8 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

[ 0 ] October 2, 2014

The HTC One M8 is the best smartphone in the world right now. Okay, it might not have the best camera, but it certainly has the best display (sorry, S5 fans, I prefer the natural colour reproduction on the M8) and it certainly has the best build quality. I currently have the HTC One M8 […]

Adonit Keyboard

Adonit Writer Plus for iPad Review

[ 2 ] October 1, 2014

The post-PC promise – the chance to move away from cumbersome truck-like PC’s with their horrid keyboards and mice and into a glorious new age, one populated by smaller screens, light weight operating systems and heightened portability. The iPad, Apple’s long awaited foray into the tablet market, proved that there was indeed a thirst for […]

Soul Combat+ Headphones Review: Designed For The Athlete In All Of Us

Soul Combat+ Headphones Review: Designed For The Athlete In All Of Us

[ 1 ] February 24, 2014

  Headphones – They come in a million shapes and sizes. Different strokes for different folks is normally the way most people would categorize the massive array of available headphones. But one series of headphones has always had its shining difference – sport headphones. What do we mean by “sport headphones”? We are not talking […]

app ecosystem

In Product Reviews, what does ‘Ecosystem’ really mean?

[ 0 ] January 23, 2014

With so many smartphones and tablet computers on the market now consumers are spoilt for choice with the number of options available to them. For avid consumers who are interested in finding out how good a smartphone or tablet really is before a purchase, expert review websites are a hot go to to suss out […]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 review: A Solid Midrange Tablet

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 review: A Solid Midrange Tablet

[ 0 ] January 12, 2014

Now that the holidays are over, and seeing as you probably didn’t get a tablet based on the fact that you are currently reading this – this is the post season for purchasing new electronics, as many consumers know. Electronics manufacturers know this even better. Thus, every year many manufacturers strive to offer innovative new […]


Amigabit Data Recovery Review: Easy-to-use Windows Data Recovery Tool

[ 3 ] December 17, 2013

Data loss has always been a serious problem and can mean very serious trouble for individual as well as big companies. To salvage such situation, there many free data recovery utilities on the market today, Amigabit data recovery has proven to be a top- notch tool for data recovery which has been a quality other […]

Tactus Magnatuff Review TB

Tactus MagnaTuff iPad Case Review

[ 3 ] October 12, 2013

Apple created a whole new industry when they released the original iPad in 2010, and we are not directly talking about the tablet market. What I am instead referring to is the accessories market, which existing third party manufacturers jumped on with the end result being thousands of iPad cases and other accessories available to […]

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