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Case / Accessory Reviews

Oh, wow! You made it to one of our categories, now that's fantastic news. Have a scroll down below to find an article which tickles your technology taste buds. At TB we try our hardest to provide super useful information that you can digest, so please do throw us a line telling us how much our content rocks your socks.

HTC One M8 Glass Screen Protector

HTC One M8 Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

[ 0 ] October 2, 2014

The HTC One M8 is the best smartphone in the world right now. Okay, it might not have the best camera, but it certainly has the best display (sorry, S5 fans, I prefer the natural colour reproduction on the M8) and it certainly has the best build quality. I currently have the HTC One M8 […]

Adonit Keyboard

Adonit Writer Plus for iPad Review

[ 2 ] October 1, 2014

The post-PC promise – the chance to move away from cumbersome truck-like PC’s with their horrid keyboards and mice and into a glorious new age, one populated by smaller screens, light weight operating systems and heightened portability. The iPad, Apple’s long awaited foray into the tablet market, proved that there was indeed a thirst for […]

Tactus Magnatuff Review TB

Tactus MagnaTuff iPad Case Review

[ 3 ] October 12, 2013

Apple created a whole new industry when they released the original iPad in 2010, and we are not directly talking about the tablet market. What I am instead referring to is the accessories market, which existing third party manufacturers jumped on with the end result being thousands of iPad cases and other accessories available to […]

esoterism moat-4 review

Esoterism Moat-4 Aluminium iPhone 4/4S Bumper Review

[ 4 ] March 8, 2013

iPhone bumpers were first released way back in 2010 when Apple brought out the iPhone 4 and since then they have stuck as a viable alternative to having a full case, often preserving the sveltness of the iPhone and of course leaving all Apple logo’s intact. Popular amongst a wide majority of consumers due to […]

Review: DEOS In-Ear Headphones / Headphone Cover - Style Never Sleeps

Review: DEOS In-Ear Headphones / Headphone Cover – Style Never Sleeps

[ 0 ] August 6, 2012

We do not review headphones everyday, but when we do, we make sure to take our time to ensure that they live up to their manufacturers promise. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Either way, we review. This review consists of two parts. The DEOS in-ear headphones, and the DEOS headphone covers, which I received  packaged together in […]

MANHATTAN Stealth Touch Mouse Review - No Moving Parts, No Problem

MANHATTAN Stealth Touch Mouse Review – No Moving Parts, No Problem

[ 8 ] July 20, 2012

OK that headline is a bit misleading, but since you clicked on the link , I obviously piqued your interest, right? With any mouse, there will always be one moving part – in this case its the mouse itself, otherwise it would be a track-pad. Technical jokes aside, this mouse is no laughing matter. The “Stealth Touch” Mouse […]

Pong anti-radiation case review

Pong Research iPhone Anti-radiation Case Review

[ 8 ] July 3, 2012

No matter what iPhone case you have rocking your smartphone at this time all of them no matter what their make, material or build serve one specific purpose; to protect your handset as best as possible. But what if you need protection from your iPhone? Well aside from hiring a body guard to protect you […]

standeazy review

Standeazy Smartphone Stand Review and Giveaway!

[ 13 ] April 2, 2012

Smartphone stands come in many shapes and sizes however even the most portable ones you’ll find on the high-street aren’t as compact as the Standeazy smartphone stand. We have been testing out the Standeazy smartphone stand for a week and a bit now, so what makes this smartphone stand different from any other? Well first […]

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