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Software / App Reviews

Oh, wow! You made it to one of our categories, now that's fantastic news. Have a scroll down below to find an article which tickles your technology taste buds. At TB we try our hardest to provide super useful information that you can digest, so please do throw us a line telling us how much our content rocks your socks.


Flitto – Fast & Best Translator App Review

[ 0 ] December 10, 2017

Communication is a very important aspect of the modern life. Wherever people go abroad, they have to be understood and understand what foreigners are saying. It is good for travelers to know as many languages as they can. There are alternatives, such as carrying small dictionaries and guides for basic and common expressions. Due to […]

Selfie Wars App Review

Selfie: Wars iOS App Review: Mix Gaming with Selfies to See How It Goes

[ 0 ] May 13, 2016

For the people that love selfies, this app presents a golden opportunity they will never find elsewhere. It brings a new dimension in the world of taking self photos. It spruces up everything to make taking selfies a fun experience. But what’s more, it also combines elements of gaming, as well as social media, to […]

Send Personalized Smileys from Your iPhone With Youji

Send Personalized Smileys from Your iPhone With Youji

[ 0 ] October 4, 2015

Chatting is becoming less boring right now, as the classical meaning of the word emoticon is now revolutionized by applications like Youji. This app for iPhone and iPad can help its users to make their own personalized emoticons and Emojis by using portrait images of themselves, including selfies. Using your own photos to create emoticons […]

Step - Journal for life review

STEP – Journal for Life App Review

[ 0 ] December 1, 2014

There are a myriad of journalizing apps out there in the market today. However, STEP – Journal for Life stands out as a great personal data aggregator. The application helps you to record live events and make sense of your life in every single minute. If you are looking for a standout mobile application, this […]


Amigabit Data Recovery Review: Easy-to-use Windows Data Recovery Tool

[ 3 ] December 17, 2013

Data loss has always been a serious problem and can mean very serious trouble for individual as well as big companies. To salvage such situation, there many free data recovery utilities on the market today, Amigabit data recovery has proven to be a top- notch tool for data recovery which has been a quality other […]

Air Playit

Air Playit Review

[ 1 ] March 21, 2012

Today, it is true that the majority of people prefer to watch videos and listen to music on digital products. As we know, it is still somewhat tough to directly play videos or audios which are compatible with iPhone and iPad. Both professional converting tools and iTunes are required. Meanwhile, converting and syncing consume time. […]

winter apps

Two New Apps for the Winter Traveller

[ 2 ] January 24, 2012

The phrase “winter travel” can, for different people, mean two very different ideas. For some, the thought of winter travel evokes airplanes, sunny beaches, and palm trees. For others, on the other hand, it brings to mind images of snow-covered car windows, grueling commutes, and icy conditions that always border on dangerous. And there are […]

dragon naturallyspeaking premium review

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Review

[ 2 ] November 14, 2011

Voice control – it’s been something of a science fiction wet dream for as long as people can remember. The idea of simply mentioning what you want done, or what you’d like put down has proven incredibly potent in the imaginations of almost everyone who’s ever touched a computer. Sadly, despite some sterling efforts on […]

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