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Graduate position

How to use social media to get a graduate position

[ 0 ] April 10, 2015

The battle to get a graduate position is a hotly-contested one. You should rightly be proud of the degree you have earned at university but you need to accept that, on its own, it’s not enough to make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll undoubtedly be on social media and be used to using […]

Super Compilation

5 of the most creative watches ever designed

[ 0 ] April 8, 2015

When it comes to watches, it seems the more intricate, unique and stylish they are, the more fascinating they become. The classic timepiece, sold by renowned companies like Tic Watches, has been transformed over the years and with quirky, awe-inspiring and often mind-bogglingly clever features being added to complex designs the results are rather spectacular. […]

Monsters Doors

Monster Doors Android Game Review

[ 0 ] April 1, 2015

Launched by DUBAKISoft in February 2015, Monster Doors is an enjoyable and interesting action shooting game that can be downloaded on Android based devices from Google Play, as an app. This game can be perfect for people who love games that can stimulate their adrenaline. With five characters and 180 levels, the game promises many […]


Instructions for Mounting a Flat Screen TV

[ 0 ] March 31, 2015

It can be a very aesthetically satisfying and enjoyable experience to mount a flat screen TV onto your wall.  More people have begun to mount TVs to the walls of their houses now that plasma, HD and flat screen TVs have been so widely available. It is actually relatively inexpensive and easy to do.  Keep […]

Data Security

How secure is your small business? 5 common risks business owners leave themselves exposed to

[ 0 ] March 30, 2015

No matter what your line of work, it’s important to keep your small business as secure as possible. There are many threats that could lose you money and damage the reputation of your company, so let’s take a look at five common risks many business owners leave themselves exposed to. Burglaries Unfortunately, there are desperate […]

Are Chromebook's Now A Worthwhile Purchase In Place Of Windows-Based Notebooks?

Are Chromebook’s Now A Worthwhile Purchase In Place Of Windows-Based Notebooks?

[ 0 ] March 25, 2015

Google is a word that has become ubiquitous with the Internet Of things. For most of the world, it is the internet in and of itself. However since 2009, Google has found itself increasingly entrenched in the mobile hardware sector. First, with the “Nexus” brand  of Android smartphones (Commissioned by Google, and manufactured by companies […]


Can advances in technology help you plan your family holiday?

[ 0 ] March 23, 2015

Not so long ago, planning a holiday involved flicking through brochures before popping into your nearest travel agent to book a fortnight away at what inevitably turned out to be a shack half way up a volcano – if you were lucky. Okay, so things weren’t that bad, but advances in technology have certainly made […]

Printer Ink

5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Inkjet Printing at Home

[ 0 ] March 12, 2015

The vast majority of us have a printer in our home, and we all bemoan the cost of the ink and the paper. Yet it is very easy to cut down on the cost of printing at home if you know how. The one off cost of the printer is soon forgotten, it’s the ongoing […]

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