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Google Car

Google Car to Eliminate Human Driving in Five Years’ Time

[ 0 ] May 19, 2015

Google has announced that it shall be unleashing its self-driving prototype this summer, aiming to eliminate the scourge of human driving by 2020. Here, The Smart Phone Company investigate the recent announcement and what this could mean for the future collaboration between technology and cars: Although the company has been testing self-driving cars for over […]

Now TV vs. Sky TV – Which Is best for you?

Now TV vs. Sky TV – Which Is best for you?

[ 0 ] May 10, 2015

With the Now TV Box available for around £20 including three months’ entertainment package, two months of free movies, or a 2 day Sky Sports pass, is there a genuine reason to consider ditching your Sky satellite subscription? After all, the basic Sky package is £20 a month, compared to the £6 you will pay […]

USB flash drives

Are USB flash drives becoming irrelevant?

[ 0 ] May 5, 2015

It’s probably been said a million times before, but we are living in an information age. Or more specifically, an instant information age. Super-fast WiFi and the growth of the cloud at consumer and enterprise level means there’s less need for physical storage, which is not good news for the USB flash drive. Quite simply, […]


What the ‘Internet of Things’ will look like in 2015 and beyond

[ 0 ] May 1, 2015

Those with an interest in technology are very used to buzzwords. The tech sector feeds on speculation about new technologies and creating “buzz” around the next big thing. The Internet of Things (IoT) may appear on the surface to be just another buzzword but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the Internet […]

Nest thermostat

How to leverage on technology to save energy

[ 0 ] April 30, 2015

The world continues to be driven by various aspects of technology. From mobile phones to gaming devices, there has been a steady advancement in technology. The reality is that technology plays an important role in people’s personal, social and professional lives. Relying on technology does not make it necessary for people to endure high utility […]

Conventional backup methods

Top Pitfalls of Conventional Backup Methods

[ 0 ] April 27, 2015

Data backup stands out as a fundamental part of an organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery plans. However, long gone are those days when firms had to use an overly simple tape backup drive linked to a computer? The single tape would back up data for countless weeks and days. Today, the volume of data […]

Memory Cards

Tips for managing memory cards

[ 0 ] April 20, 2015

A digital camera can have numerous things that are unique to it that distinguishes it from other cameras.  However, there is one thing that unites most of us- all of use media cards for storing our photographs (the exception is there are a couple of cameras that come with a lot of internal memory). So […]

Graduate position

How to use social media to get a graduate position

[ 0 ] April 10, 2015

The battle to get a graduate position is a hotly-contested one. You should rightly be proud of the degree you have earned at university but you need to accept that, on its own, it’s not enough to make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll undoubtedly be on social media and be used to using […]

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