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Common questions about signal boosters

[ 0 ] January 23, 2015

If you are unfamiliar with mobile phone signal boosters, Myamplifiers explains how you can benefit from them and how they help to improve your mobile signal. What is a mobile phone signal booster? People that live in remote locations or certain types of buildings such as flats can find it difficult to pick up a […]


What the ‘Internet of Things’ will look like in 2015 and beyond

[ 0 ] January 22, 2015

Those with an interest in technology are very used to buzzwords. The tech sector feeds on speculation about new technologies and creating “buzz” around the next big thing. The Internet of Things (IoT) may appear on the surface to be just another buzzword but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the Internet […]

Printer Ink

5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Inkjet Printing at Home

[ 0 ] January 22, 2015

The vast majority of us have a printer in our home, and we all bemoan the cost of the ink and the paper. Yet it is very easy to cut down on the cost of printing at home if you know how. The one off cost of the printer is soon forgotten, it’s the ongoing […]

Send Personalized Smileys from Your iPhone With Youji

Send Personalized Smileys from Your iPhone With Youji

[ 0 ] January 21, 2015

Chatting is becoming less boring right now, as the classical meaning of the word emoticon is now revolutionized by applications like Youji. This app for iPhone and iPad can help its users to make their own personalized emoticons and Emojis by using portrait images of themselves, including selfies. Using your own photos to create emoticons […]


Are Technological Advances Changing The Way We Learn To Drive?

[ 0 ] January 19, 2015

Decades ago, young people learned to drive in the same, practical way they learned how to swim—by going straight into the water, or in this case, straight behind the wheel. A few years later, we realized the value of classroom-based driver’s education courses and guided hands-on driving. Now, technological advancements such as simulators and in-car […]

e-reader guide

E-readers shopping guide

[ 0 ] January 15, 2015

If you’re something of a bookworm, it might be that you’ve made it to 2015 without surrendering your beloved stacks of paperbacks, limited edition gold leaf tomes and elegant hardbacks in favour of an e-reader. Some pulp purists claim that an electronic device can never replicate the feel of a book in the hand, the […]

What are the 3 Thinnest Smartphones in the World?

What are the 3 Thinnest Smartphones in the World?

[ 0 ] January 12, 2015

Mobile communications have always been a popular avenue of technology, especially for users that are particularly mobile on a daily basis.  The main purpose of a smartphone is to make sure that it is easily transportable and can be fit into relatively any space to maximize its efficiency. With that being said, companies are beginning […]

Home Cinema

6 Essential Items your Home Cinema Must Have

[ 1 ] January 7, 2015

Do you know what we love even more than blogging here at Technology Blogged? Well that’d be sitting down in front of a mighty fine home cinema set up, whilst blogging. You see, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when sat at a computer desk all day and sometimes it’s just nice to be able to […]

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