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Cool kitchen gadgets

Top 6 Gadgets for your Kitchen

[ 0 ] May 15, 2016

Cooking is one of life’s necessities. Sometimes though there are boring or difficult tasks which could be made much easier and quicker if only there was a gadget to help – well By Design had a look around and found 6 of the best gadgets to help you out around the kitchen! ROAST TONGS KUCHENPROFI 29 CM […]


What the ‘Internet of Things’ will look like in 2016 and beyond

[ 0 ] May 14, 2016

Those with an interest in technology are very used to buzzwords. The tech sector feeds on speculation about new technologies and creating “buzz” around the next big thing. The Internet of Things (IoT) may appear on the surface to be just another buzzword but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact the Internet […]

Mad Men up your life with these 6 Retro Gadgets

Mad Men up your life with these 6 Retro Gadgets

[ 0 ] May 10, 2016

Due to the enormous success of AMC’s Mad Men, the sixties are alive and kicking, and part of the show’s attraction is how it seamlessly transports us back to world of sophistication and sharp and sexy design. But if you’re a fan of the show and want to experience the sixties, you don’t necessarily have […]

Home Cinema

6 Essential Items your Home Cinema Must Have

[ 1 ] May 7, 2016

Do you know what we love even more than blogging here at Technology Blogged? Well that’d be sitting down in front of a mighty fine home cinema set up, whilst blogging. You see, it’s easy to become overwhelmed when sat at a computer desk all day and sometimes it’s just nice to be able to […]


5 Reasons Why Data Backup is not enough for Data Security

[ 0 ] March 30, 2016

The most overlooked and under-valued part of every companies IT infrastructure is the data backup solution. A comprehensive backup solution can cost a lot of pounds and while everything is running fine, many companies do not want to invest in something that they believe they won’t need. That is until they need it. As an […]

Superhero Infographic

The Real Superhero Power of Technology [Infographic]

[ 0 ] March 27, 2016

Superheroes are all the rage right now with Iron Man 3 enjoying fantastic box office results and The Man of Steel coming to cinemas very soon. Although superheroes have been making a box office comeback over the past 4 years, we have to remember that they are not new; Batman was first introduced in 1937 in […]

D-Link Wireless AC

Why you should care about Wireless AC

[ 0 ] March 15, 2016

You may have noticed a number of wireless products supporting a new WiFi standard called 802.11ac (or Wireless AC) are appearing in stores, promising Gigabit performance along with improvements in both wireless range and reliability. All of which are welcome, but is it really that big a step forward and do we really need it? […]

business apps

Native, Web or Hybrid: Which App should Business Focus On?

[ 0 ] March 11, 2016

Mobile apps have become the lifeblood of tech marketing. Anybody who’s anybody in the business world has an app that can sit conveniently on a smartphone or tablet for quick access to news and advertising. The smartphone has revolutionised how users access information- not only can we pull the internet out of our pocket, we […]

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