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Digital Marketing

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing: Content, Trends and Adverts

[ 1 ] March 8, 2014

An increasing amount of companies are moving their marketing campaigns online. Nowadays, few businesses are without a website, with many now relying on their website content and online marketing campaigns to solicit site visits and to convert them into sales. Traditional adverts Traditionally, marketing was dominated by print media adverts, billboards, and TV and radio. […]

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Why Pursue a Career in SEO?

[ 2 ] November 25, 2013

There are three reasons you’re reading this article right now. The first, is that in 1992, the World Wide Web was born, which allowed users to view web pages (like this one!) within a web browser. The second, is that fifteen years ago, a search engine named Google was founded, which set out to organise […]

Google Humminbird and Content

Google Hummingbird: Search becomes more human

[ 0 ] October 29, 2013

Long tail keywords are enjoying an SEO renaissance. Long tail terms – the expanded, more specific keyword phrases – went out of vogue a few years ago, but now they’re firmly back on the agenda. There’s a good and important reason why. Search queries are becoming more complex and sophisticated. Increasingly, consumers don’t search just […]


Organic Search vs Google Adwords – Which is Better?

[ 1 ] August 20, 2013

One of the most common questions that companies ask themselves is whether to use Google AdWords or to rely on organic SEO search. The problem is that a lot of companies don’t have a clear understanding of how either system works, or worse, they have mistaken assumptions that ultimately have an adverse effect on their […]

Google Hollywood DMCA

Eric Schmidt wants Hollywood to not rely on DMCA, instead take Content Pirates to Court

[ 0 ] July 16, 2013

Content piracy is a serious issue. Before the internet you could buy pirated copies of movies and pirated music at underground stores or even on your typical market stall. Since the internet and now as a world that has gone digital, content producers face a new threat from pirates who can distribute and share pirated […]

Website Design

How to Design and Build a Website or Blog in 2013

[ 0 ] May 15, 2013

Decide what you want to sell / write about This is easy enough if you are currently operating a physical business, however if you fall in to the category of new found internet entrepreneur looking to make money online from blogging, deciding on a topic can be hard. For the new guy, I recommend always […]

Content Writing Tips

How to Put Persuasion into your SEO Copywriting

[ 1 ] April 2, 2013

SEO copywriting is all about getting Google and all the other search engines to find your site (or your client’s) amongst the millions of others out there, right? Well no, not entirely. While it may be true that the underlying purpose of search engine optimised content is to do exactly what it says on the […]

Bad for SEO

Content Scraping Websites, Bad for your SEO?

[ 4 ] January 26, 2013

As a professional blogger, online marketer and webmaster, I come across blogs daily that scrape the content of others (as well as periodically find scraper sites that scrape my own content). Now, by ‘scrape’ I mean that these websites either; a) directly copy and paste content into their website manually or b) have an RSS […]

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