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Tablet cover buyers tips

What to Consider when Buying a Mobile, eReader or Tablet Cover

[ 0 ] October 8, 2014

So, you’ve invested in a nice new, shiny tablet or phone – so what’s the best way to protect it? Well, a nice, new shiny cover of course. However, the crux is that there are so many covers, types of covers, shapes of cover and designs of cover to choose from that it can be […]

back to school

Combine Savings Methods for the Best Back To School Deals

[ 0 ] August 4, 2014

Back to school sales days are already in full swing, as more school districts start classes mid-August. In addition, the Labor Day holiday falls on September 1 this year so stores seeking back-to-school shoppers must capitalize on the dog days of August to bring in customers. Shoppers can take a few steps to relieve the […]

Buying a Laptop in 2014 - Buyer's Tips

Buying a Laptop in 2014 – Buyer’s Tips

[ 0 ] June 26, 2014

If you want a powerful and portable computer, then look no further than a laptop. Even with the advancements made with mobile devices in recent years, the laptop is still the best way to be productive on the move, with unparalleled processing power, graphics, and speed. This year, there are a range of excellent laptops […]

Electric Radiators

Does your Home have an Electric Radiator Yet?

[ 0 ] June 16, 2014

Many people suggest that traditional gas powered central heating systems are vital for keeping a home heated, boycotting electric alternatives as costly and ineffective. However, not all electric radiators are the same. While storage heaters are not only inconvenient but also uneconomical, often pumping too much heat when not required and then to little when […]

Breaking News: New High-End Smartphone Released! Now Here Is Why It Matters

Breaking News: New High-End Smartphone Released! Now Here Is Why It Matters

[ 0 ] April 25, 2014

These days it appears that just about every time I peer into the scratched and dented screen of my Motorola RAZR I, I am bombarded by news of some brand new smartphone release from all the major players. While the heads of the house of Samsung or the temple of HTC count the latest figures […]

Kohler Smart Toilet

10 Incredible Gadgets to Automate your Home

[ 1 ] January 30, 2014

Imaged: Kohler Smart Toilet Technology is getting so advanced that sometimes you feel like you could leave your home unattended and it would just take care of itself. Actually, this isn’t that far from reality. Home automation is getting more and more advanced with every passing year, and new gadgets and devices are released regularly. Here are 10 […]

Gift Touch

Buying a Laptop this Christmas? Gift Touch with a new Ultrabook

[ 0 ] December 6, 2013

This Christmas, it makes sense to gift your loved one with touch – not cuddling, kissing or holding hands, but cool, industrial glass touch, of course. What am I talking about? Well, that’d be touchscreen devices. We now use touchscreens more than any other input method when it comes to personal technology, with our smartphones […]

Best iPhone 4 and 4S Cases: 10 Cases Reviewed and Rated

Best iPhone 4 and 4S Cases: 10 Cases Reviewed and Rated

[ 25 ] September 1, 2013

Have you just bagged yourself a brand new shiny iPhone 4S and do you need protection for it pronto? Then researching the best iPhone 4S cases is a very good decision indeed because after all, who wants to end up with a shoddy unprotecting case which won’t last as long as your handset will? I know […]

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