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Buying a Laptop in 2014 - Buyer's Tips

Buying a Laptop in 2014 – Buyer’s Tips

[ 0 ] June 26, 2014

If you want a powerful and portable computer, then look no further than a laptop. Even with the advancements made with mobile devices in recent years, the laptop is still the best way to be productive on the move, with unparalleled processing power, graphics, and speed. This year, there are a range of excellent laptops […]

Breaking News: New High-End Smartphone Released! Now Here Is Why It Matters

Breaking News: New High-End Smartphone Released! Now Here Is Why It Matters

[ 0 ] April 25, 2014

These days it appears that just about every time I peer into the scratched and dented screen of my Motorola RAZR I, I am bombarded by news of some brand new smartphone release from all the major players. While the heads of the house of Samsung or the temple of HTC count the latest figures […]

reading on a tablet

Guide: What to look for in an eReader

[ 0 ] July 30, 2013

eReaders are still all the rage and popular among all sorts of people. They are favoured by those who commute by public transport, holidaymakers who do not want to pack a whole suitcase full of books, those who like to have several books on the go at once; many people favour electronic reading devices over paper […]

Galaxy S4

Choosing what type of Smartphone you should Buy Next

[ 0 ] May 21, 2013

It seems like now more than ever the mobile phone industry is peaking in quality and how we choose our new mobile is becoming ever more complicated.  As well as the usual high calibre suspects such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5, there are many other smartphones around on a diverse range […]

TV Buying Guide

LCD, LED or Plasma: TV Buying Guide

[ 0 ] May 10, 2013

The sheer amount of televisions available on the market today is staggering. It is also worth noting that many of these are easily affordable. In the past, televisions may have shown a significant price-to-quality ratio. However, even cheap tvs in the modern day offer truly amazing picture quality, size and durability. If you’re thinking of […]

Nintendo DS

How to Save Money on Nintendo DS Games

[ 0 ] May 3, 2013

Whether you are a working mother or working at your first job, we can all do with saving a bit of money. There are several ways that you can enjoy playing the latest games without paying huge prices. One simple method involves selling old games and consoles like your Nintendo DS and using that money […]

Broken iPhone

Lost or Stolen? 4 Major Benefits of Mobile Phone Insurance Policies

[ 2 ] January 24, 2013

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are expensive. Losing our beloved handset to theft or an accident can be dramatic. Paying for a new mobile can be more dramatic. Mobile phone insurance policies are designed to minimize the loss, and ease the burden on you should anything happen. Mobile and smartphone insurance covers individuals against loss, theft, […]


Shopping for a Printer? Features you should Consider

[ 0 ] January 13, 2013

Printers may not be as slick, shiny nor engaging as your smartphone or tablet computer, however for years they have been essential to many folk’ out there with a need to print within their own home or indeed office. Trouble is, finding the right printer for you is difficult when they all pretty much offer […]

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