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BMW i3

Is the Electric Car Finally Rivaling its Petrol Counterparts?

[ 0 ] September 9, 2017

Motorists have been slow to warm to electric cars, but they are beginning to make an impact on the car market and are becoming a more familiar sight on our roads. Electric cars have had a lot prove, needing to overcome negative stigmas that have become associated with them, such as being slow, expensive and […]


4 of the greatest advancements in Technology

[ 0 ] September 8, 2017

On-Demand The world of on-demand media has always been accepted as the future of digital storage and delivery, but has traditionally been held back by the complications of supplying households and businesses with internet speeds capable of streaming large batches of data in a reliable, timely fashion. Now, though, thanks to the competitive and lucrative […]

Risks of public Wi-Fi we constantly forget about

Risks of public Wi-Fi we constantly forget about

[ 0 ] September 6, 2017

We can’t imagine the world of today without online activities, can we? Nowadays it is not only possible to work from home by the means of remote access but to get the education online as well. Almost every day we visiting public places and kill time by going online. What are the biggest mistakes we […]

Can you boost mobile phone signal at home?

Can you boost mobile phone signal at home?

[ 0 ] September 3, 2017

Yes, you can boost your mobile phone signal at home using several different methods.  There are two options that should solve any and all cellular reception problems in residential or even non-residential areas, and are offered by some of the various cellular service providers.  The price of the devices varies based on who you buy […]

3d glasses

Could 3D TV That Doesn’t Need Glasses Revive The Format For Consumers?

[ 0 ] September 1, 2017

When the concept of in home 3D TV’s were first discussed it seemed as if a new form of technology would take the world by storm. Who would not want to watch their favorite movies and even some of their favorite TV shows in 3D? The concept sounded great, but when 3D televisions finally came […]

Printer Ink

How to save printer ink

[ 0 ] August 4, 2017

One of the most common complaints that comes from people who work in offices or at home is the high cost of ink or toner cartridges. Yes it’s true; it can be a very costly component of running an office, particularly for people who need to print a lot of pages. Of course, we should […]

The Benefits Of Online Shopping

The Benefits Of Online Shopping

[ 0 ] June 19, 2017

Online shopping has completely changed the world. For those who work in traditional retail, this might not be a welcomed change. However, for the average consumer, there are only positive things to say about the rise of digital retail. If you’re someone who’s been reluctant to really and truly hop on the online shopping bandwagon, […]


Graffitier: The Future of Social Networking

[ 0 ] June 9, 2017

Graffitier is that one Android app that best underscores the message that you only live once; why don’t you live it fully! With a sleek and intuitive design, the app allows you to relish each moment of your life, share it on your social networking platforms indicating the location you are in and be awed […]

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