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5 Top Plagiarism Checkers to Empower your Content Marketing

[ 0 ] Posted by on April 17, 2013


There are a few plagiarism checkers online, but a lot of them are just poorly optimized web spiders, or are designed to run a few Google searches and monitor some of the results. There are currently no plagiarism checkers that are 100% accurate, but here are a few that are pretty reliable.

1 – Copyscape

This is an online tool that is capable of a number of tricks. You may use it to check to see if a chunk of text is currently online. There is a white box where you paste your text into. You can paste up to 2000 words. The checker will then count the words and display the number, and will check to see if any parts of the text are currently online. The tool will only check things that are listed by Google or Bing, so if something is online but is not on the Google or Bing index, then it will not see it.

It also allows you to upload a number of text documents so that you can run a “batch” search. This involves checking a number of documents at once, without you having to open them or past them into anything. There is also a copy-sentry, which monitors your website and will run plagiarism checks on the web pages of your choice. It runs them routinely as per what you program into the checker. It also allows you to run five free website checks per day.

2 – Duplichecker

Duplichecker is our personal favourite plagiarism detector online. It allows you to copy and paste text in its field and search the internet for duplicate copies. It has a 1500 maximum word limit, and you can use it without signing up once before you’ll need to set up an account. Thankfully, the account is free anyway. The detection rate from Duplichecker is excellent and overall this is the plagiarism detector I use most in my work.

3 – Doc Cop

For this tool you will have to register and then confirm your email before you use the tool. It is only capable of checking seventy five words of text at a time if you use the free version. The free version will only allow you to run two checks per day. It will break up the sentences, take short extracts, and then check them for exact matches on Bing and Google. If it finds any matches then it will email you with your results. As you can imagine, the paid version will allow you to run more checks per day.

4 – Reprint Writers’ tool

This is an online tool that will break up your text and then index a few strings of words. It runs those words through Yahoo searches and then records the results. The tool is free to use and you will not need to register to use it. It does not run the text through the Google search engine, and is also not the best at picking out poorly spun content. If content is poorly spun then chunks of text may be identical to duplicate content that is elsewhere on the Internet. This tool only has a random chance of picking up on duplicate content that has been poorly spun.

5 – Plagiarism Detect

This tool requires that you register online before being able to use it. It allows you to paste a chunk of text into the white box, and then run a search on it to see if it has been plagiarized. You may also upload a doc file or a txt file to see if it has been copied online. It does not check all of the document. It takes samples at random intervals. It then runs those samples through a Google search until it finds a match.

If the tool finds a match then it will generate a domain report. This will show you what lines were highlighted as being copied, and the domains that they came from. The strings of words are chosen at random, so some of them are rather short. This sometimes results in the tool giving plagiarism results that are not actually plagiarism.

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