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More New Mobile Casino Games Launched

[ 0 ] Posted by on February 4, 2017

Always eager to keep you up to date with all technical breakthroughs and new technology, the following is a guide to some of the very latest mobile slot games that have been launched.

However, instead of us simply listing a range of slots by name we are going to be looking at brand new and unique playing structures and formats, new bonus games and bonus features and new reel symbols that work in quite adventurous ways!

As such if you are something of an avid slot player please do read on as by doing so you are going to be introduced to some highly technical slot machines the likes of which you will never have seen or played before

New Reel Symbols

There are always reel symbols themed around the slot games you are playing, however there are some symbols that can perform additional tasks, and below we will take a look at some of them!

Random Wild Symbols – Random Wild symbols can dance around the slot game screen once you click onto the spin or start button and once the reels have all stopped spinning those symbol then attached themselves to random reel positions and ill turn them wild too.

Multiplying Wild Multipliers – Some slots have Wild Multiplier symbols and when any number of them spin in the value of your winning payouts are boosted by the value of the multiplier.

However, some new wild symbols have multipliers that can and do multiply themselves by other multipliers spun in so for example getting one x3, x2 and a x4 multiplier symbol on three different wild symbols helping to form a winning combination will see that payout boosted by 24 times its normal payout value!

To save yourself a lot of time and effort we would suggest you play here as that website is one that is going to give you access to lot of different slot games, bonus offers and also has reviews of all the brand new and established mobile casino sites that are fully compatible with every type of mobile device!

New Slot Machine Playing Structures

Every now and then a slot game designer will attach to a new slot they have just launched a unique type of playing structure, and as such below you will find a couple of those playing structures that you are likely to find on offer on quite a number of new and soon to be released mobile slot games!

Cluster Pays – When you play a slot with a Clusters pays playing structure there are no paylines as such on that slot you simply have to get clusters of the same reel symbols spinning in together anywhere on the screen, the bigger the cluster the higher the payout you will then receive!

All Pays – An All Pays slot game is simply a slot that has every single permutation possible on the in view reel symbols on any slot machines screen activated and in play on every single spin you play off. However, how the way different from all other slots is that you only have to play one small number of coins to have hundreds or even thousands of way to win in live play!

New Bonus games and Bonus Features

Let us finally give you an insight into some of the brand new slot machines bonus games and bonus features that can be trigged playing a range of different mobile slots.

Random Wild Reels – When playing a slot with a Random Wild Reels bonus feature when that feature is awarded which it is at random then one to five of the reels get turned completely wild. Therefore one thing you will want to see happening when that bonus game is triggered is as many reels turning wild from reel on onwards to secure the highest possible winning payouts!

Guaranteed Jackpot Features – One final new type of feature you may find on some newly released slot games is one known as a Guaranteed Jackpot Feature, and as the name suggests when it is trigger you are guarantee of winning one of the jackpot attached to that slot game.

However, what you will tend to find is that those types of slots often have several progressive jackpots on offer and as such you could in a low, medium or mega sized jackpot when you play off that bonus feature.

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