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5 Best BlackBerry Z10 Cases your Money can Buy

[ 0 ] Posted by on March 19, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Cases

Case pictured: Flexishield Black

Much like all flagship smartphones part of their appeal comes in the form of accessories and cases. For the BlackBerry Z10, BlackBerry created a range of great cases available at launch which included a flip case, holster case and sleeve case. Third party accessory manufacturers have the best cases available though, taking design cues from past smartphone case designs and giving them a unique edge for BlackBerry consumers.

I recently bought myself a BlackBerry Z10 for business use and am so far loving it. I also reviewed the phone back before I bought it. After shopping around online, I think I have discovered the 5 best BlackBerry Z10 cases money can buy right now. Let’s take a look.

1. Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch – £20, Clove.

In search for a good pull tab case for your BlackBerry Z10? I have been too, and I found it in the Proporta Aluminium Lined Leather Pouch. A good year or so ago I reviewed this very case but for the iPhone 4, and this case is really great. It is made from durable genuine leather, offers great protection, and is reasonably priced too. Although not directly branded for the Z10, it fits smartphones up to 123 x 68 x 12mm in size.

2. Flexishield Case for BlackBerry Z10 – £9.99, Mobile Fun.

This case is a cross between soft silicone and hard plastic. It’s scratch resistant itself, which is always good, and my BlackBerry Z10 is currently wearing one (imaged, above). The case is flexible and rigid, and offers good protection to the sides and back of the BlackBerry Z10 whilst being see through. In true vane guise, I can proudly show off my BlackBerry logo on the back of my handset with this case on. The black version creates a striking contrast on a black Z10.

3. Otterbox BlackBerry Z10 Defender Series – £39.99, Amazon.

For those who require the utmost protection for their BlackBerry Z10, you cannot go wrong with an Otterbox. The Defender Series is light, and features multiple layers of protection, including a polycarbonate inner layer, built in screen shield and silicone outer. No matter what you get up to with your Z10, the Otterbox Defender will offer up rugged protection when it is needed most. Just don’t drop it off a cliff.

4. Case Mate Black Signature Flip – £30, Case Mate.

Case Mate have for a fair old while been a top smartphone case manufacturer, and their lines include custom cases as well as more obvious offerings. Their BlackBerry Z10 range of cases is actually very good, and the Case Mate Black Signature Flip is one of my favourites, offering complete handset protection with the convenience of a flip form factor. It features a hand crafted genuine leather design and microfiber lining.

5. BlackBerry Z10 Leather Swivel Holster Case – £14.99, Clove.

A list would not be a list without a good old genuine BlackBerry product in now would it? The Leather Swivel Holster Case from BlackBerry is a lovely case which features power saving technology, with the magnetic holster waking and sending the screen to sleep. There is a swivel clip on the rear for those out there who actually, you know, still fasten their smartphones to their belt. Genuine leather, holster clip, we like.

Do you own a BlackBerry Z10? What case is your smartphone rocking at the moment? Be sure to let us know on Facebook, Twitter, carrier pigeon and of course by commenting below.

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