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5 Cool New Technologies Emerging In The Video Gaming Industry

[ 0 ] Posted by on March 20, 2014


Video games and the systems we play them on have come a long way in the last 30 years. Advanced by a quantum leap in technology, gaming has long since left the days of being child fodder behind. Today’s video games have been designed for people of any age. Their evolution into amazing displays of graphic wonder help create a virtual reality that captures our minds and tantalizes our senses. It now appears that video games are poised to take another step forward and here are five new emerging technologies (in no particular order) set to take the video gaming industry to the next level!


SMI has developed a set of glasses that combine active shutter 3D with eye and head tracking. The world’s first 3D glasses with full eye tracking will allow the user to navigate through virtual spaces like never before. The eye tracking reads precisely what you’re looking at within the 3D world and can make objects react accordingly – a process known as “gaze interaction”. Ingmar Gutberlet , Director of Sales & Marketing at SensoMotoric Instruments stated:

“This trend-setting development achieved in close collaboration with our partners will help to advance user experience testing in virtual spaces prior to realization of cost-intensive projects. Moreover, eye control with real 3D experience will add another level of entertainment to consumer applications such as video games.”


Set to be the #1 product in the Mad Catz Gamesmart gaming accessories range, M.O.J.O is an absolute game changer. Simply put, M.O.J.O is an Android micro-console on steroids. M.O.J.O allows one to take their Android gaming experience to the biggest screen they can find. Plugging M.O.J.O. into your TV allows a direct link to online stores like Google Play™ and the Amazon® Appstore. With M.O.J.O there is no need to repurchase games and apps you already use on your Android device because it provides access to a library with thousands of titles. This micro-console (no bigger than a human hand) was designed to be a complete video, gaming, and music solution for the home.


Designed to follow minute finger or stylus movements at a threshold of .01 millimeters, the Leap Motion Controller is showing its uniqueness in a class headed by Microsoft’s Kinect. Supporters of Kinect point to its ability to track the entire body. However, it has tight lighting and orientation requirements that fuel the argument by its detractors. The technology behind the Leap Motion Controller strips away these limiting factors.


Are you bored with the look of your living room? Perhaps a new couch, maybe proper feng shui is in order? Or, you could go ahead and turn it into a battlefield. Microsoft Illumiroom is designed to map the geography of your living room so that it may then project images onto varies surfaces around the TV. Thus interweaving the real with the virtual in a way that’s never been done.


The goal of Project Holodeck is to bring the lab version of 360 degree virtual reality to the consumer gaming platform. What makes Project Holodeck (part of the USC Games program) standout is that it’s developed for two players. It tracks full bodies rather than just your head allowing you to move around 3D environments with another person. There are even rumors of creating palpable elements such as wind.

Although most of the technologies mentioned above have yet to be available at your local Best Buy, they show us a glimpse of where we’re headed. Thanks to the amazing technological advances of the last few years and courageously ambitious developers, the dawn of a new age in video gaming is virtually upon us.

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