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Guide: Setting up a Linksys Router Password

[ 0 ] Posted by on February 22, 2013

Linksys Router

Before you learn how to set the Linksys router password bear in mind that it already comes with a password default built in. The admin account of the router comes with a password that is well documented and recognized. Because it is well known, you need to replace it and the username with new ones.

Default Username and Passwords

For Linksys BEFW11S4 there is no password but the username is “admin”, while for Linksys WRT54G the password is “admin” as is the username. For Linksys Comcast routers the password is “1234” and the username is “comcast”. The information should be on your user manual so check there.

To modify the settings just go to the management tab. Now set Wireless Encryption Protocol security key to be enabled. This is necessary to keep other people from getting into your network. Now you can enter a new password and username. Make sure that it isn’t something that people will easily guess.

In case you forgot the password you set up, then just reset the router to the factory defaults. To do this just press the reset button for 30 seconds. This will reset the system. If you cannot press the button, use a pointed pen to press the button down. Wait until the WLAN lights, Internet and power to begin turning on. Now you can turn your modem and log in. Now you can begin setting up the Linksys router again.

Other Information about Linksys

There are many kinds of routers, but definitely one of the most popular nowadays is Linksys. A lot of homes and large companies use Linksys as it is very reliable and can be counted on to perform its tasks properly. A lot of people like to use Linksys not just because it is affordable but because it allows you to do things that other routers do not.

For one thing, Linksys allows you to connect many computers on one system. A single home can for instance, utilize a desktop PC to connect to the router then use the same device to link up their laptop and other gadgets. Depending on the router they can make the connection using cables or wirelessly. In short, you can use just one router to connect all the electronic devices in your home.

Another nice feature of Linksys routers is that hardware is very easy to find, and installation is not a problem either as it is very simple. Once the device has been installed, all the electronic devices in your home that is connected to it will be able to avail of its features.

Router Facts

Whether the router is Linksys or not the function is the same; to facilitate traffic between the computers on the network. The router works use wireless technology, Ethernet or other technologies. It must be stressed however, that for the device to work you must have a modem installed.

If you do not have a modem you will not have any Internet access even if the router is properly installed. In a lot of cases, ISPs and a DSL digital subscriber line will provide the modem that you will need. Now all you have to do is connect the router to the modem.

As a home user it is vital that you learn how to set the Linksys router password. While the system works out fine most of the time, it is vital that you do not let anyone get hold of your password.

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