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How to choose your first drone

[ 0 ] Posted by on December 9, 2017

Mundo RC drone

It’s a pretty good bet that 2014 will go down as the year of the drone. Now we aren’t talking about those of the military kind here, rather those quadcopters will you will have seen in increasing numbers buzzing around park, beaches and all manner of other open air areas. Hobbyists have jumped onto this craze big style and if you are tired of admiring and want to be in amongst it here is our guide on how to choose your first drone.

So why the sudden surge of interest in these little-flying machines? The answer is simple; this is the cheapest way to fly first class and the views are simply incredible. Companies such as DJI, 3DRobotics, Syma and Parrot have created a broad range of user friendly quads and are touting their ‘anyone can fly them’ simplicity.  They are also boasting ever increasing resolution in their cameras and selling them at those kinds of prices where you don’t have to feel guilty about an impulse buy.

We have split our recommendations up into the 4 main categories of drone enthusiasts and here they are;


Please remember that a drone is a fast moving object that flies thanks to its sharp, spinning blades so no kid should fly one unsupervised. The ideal drone for a young flier is one that is cheap yet durable and has blade guards to protect walls, pets etc for the young uncoordinated flyer until they get the hang of it.  There are mini drones available classed as indoors friendly, such as the Rolling Spider from Parrot.  A smartphone is used to operate this drone and it does everything a spider does such as climb walls and crawl across ceilings.  The Syma X5X is outdoor ready, comes with its own controller and has a much higher definition camera that the spider. It is also cheaper but which you choose very much depends on the age of the child. This is a good selection of some of the best drones on the market at the moment.


The aforementioned Syma X5C is also perfect for the first time adult flyer as it has loads of features and a price tag that won’t make you cry if it ends up in a mangled heap after an encounter with a tree.

The Hubsan X4 H107 is another drone ideal for the rookie flyer. It has incredible speed and manoeuvrability with the higher end model the H107 HD coming complete with an HD, front facing camera.  If you want to cut straight to the chase and not bother with the cheaper models then the colourful Bebop from Parrot may be your ideal choice. With a 180° fish eye camera, auto flight stabilisation and GPS to guide your drone home if it flies out of sight or range this is a hugely popular choice.


Those who want to take it one step further that taking pictures of their neighbourhood from 100ft in the air should be looking at the quadcopters designed especially for hobbyists. DJI are to drones what Gibson are to guitars. Many of the spectacular videos on YouTube which have come from zones are courtesy of the cameras on DJI models. The Phantom is the bees-knees when it comes to hobbyist drones, and with a hefty price tag to match its features this is the quadcopter for the serious enthusiast.

Film makers

Both amateur and experienced film makers are buying into the drone trend big style as its both the easiest and by far the cheapest way of getting that one spectacular overhead shot that will have the audiences on the edge of their seat. Rather than having to send a plane up equipped with a camera, drones can get up their quicker, can turn on a dime, get closer to dangerous obstacles and produce aerial shots you could only dream of. If you are looking for your first serious drone to elevate the quality of your film making then check out 3DRobotics’ Iris+ which is easily operated via a smartphone and will create images and videos that really are works of art.

Image credit: Mundo RC.

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