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Mad Men up your life with these 6 Retro Gadgets

[ 0 ] Posted by on September 5, 2017

Mad Men

Due to the enormous success of AMC’s Mad Men, the sixties are alive and kicking, and part of the show’s attraction is how it seamlessly transports us back to world of sophistication and sharp and sexy design. But if you’re a fan of the show and want to experience the sixties, you don’t necessarily have to start a chain smoking habit whilst chucking back the whiskies at the office in order to inject a little bit of Don Draper into your life.

Get ready to travel down nostalgia lane and check out these accessories to Mad Men up your life without developing jaundice.

The Sagemcom “Sixty”

sagemcom sixty

Nothing screams the sixties more than the cordless, “Sixty” rotary phone from Sagemcom. It’s safe to say that the phone would look right at home on the desk of Madison Avenue’s force de jure, and the bold, sophisticated and stylish design encapsulates everything that was cool about the 60’s.

Vintage transistor radio

pocket transistor

Before TV’s were widely available, the transistor radio provided people with their fix of news, sport and soap operas. These portable devices were loved by teenagers and their portability made them the iPhones of the sixties, plus they were the staples of bars and drinking clubs alike with buddies going along to listen to the latest sports game together. Don Draper listened to the historic Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight of May 1965 with one. Plus the radio makes a stylish addition to any kitchen or living room for added vintage feel.

IBM Selectric typewriter

IBM selectric typewriter

If you’re like me and you’re looking to wipe the smug face of any Mac-toting hipster that you come across, then you can be sure to set yourself apart from the masses with the 60’s Ad Man’s typewriter of choice; the IBM Selectric. Whether you’re a high-flying copywriter for one of the world’s leading ad agencies, or you’re just writing this week’s shopping list, do it in style with this classy number.

Phillips tape recorder


Maybe you’ve got a penchant for recording your inner thoughts and monologues like Don Draper, and what better way to channel your inner Don Draper and commit your next big idea to tape with the classic Phillips E3300 cassette tape recorder. Released in 1960, the Phillips E3300 was the first mass-market tape recorder and was renowned for its quality, durability, and (at the time) revolutionary design. How times have changed…

Kartell Flip-Bar cart

Kartell Flip Bar Cart

Alright, just like Roger Sterling I couldn’t resist bringing a touch of alcohol to the proceedings. If you’re planning a bash with friends to watch the series finale (or you use every week’s episode as an excuse to drink some whiskey) then do it in style with the Flip-Bar from Kartell. This mini-bar on wheels represents the best in sophisticated drinking comfort and can accompany more than its fair share of quality whiskey, vodka or Stella Artois, whatever your tipple may be.

Metrokane Rabbit electric cocktail shaker

cocktail shaker

If you’re looking for a break from all that whiskey and fancy something lighter – like an incredibly strong cocktail – then here’s the gift for you. Alright, so Don Draper doesn’t drink cocktails unless he’s on holiday or on LSD, but I’m an equal-opportunity drinker and if you’re trying to put the moves on a classy sixties girl then the electric cocktail shaker from Metrokane is the way to do it.

What other gadgets or items would Don Draper not be seen without? Should I have included his army-issue Zippo lighter or a little black book to keep a track of all his extra-marital “appointments”?

This was a guest post from David Sumner, Mad Men fan and writer from hungryhouse, the UK’s leading Pizza, Indian and Chinese delivery platform.

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