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Why you should care about Wireless AC

[ 0 ] Posted by on June 8, 2018

D-Link Wireless AC

You may have noticed a number of wireless products supporting a new WiFi standard called 802.11ac (or Wireless AC) are appearing in stores, promising Gigabit performance along with improvements in both wireless range and reliability. All of which are welcome, but is it really that big a step forward and do we really need it? We asked Paul Howard, Technical Manager Telco & ISP at technology company D-Link to explain why.

“Yes is the answer to both these questions. Yes, Wireless AC is a big step forward and, yes we really do need it, due primarily to our never-ending love affair with all things wireless and a growing expectation that Wi-Fi will be built into each and every electronic device we buy.  The volume of application traffic generated by these devices on wireless networks will overtake the total traffic on wired networks by 2014, so if you buy in now, there will be plenty of compatible electronics emerging in the next few years.

What all of this adds up to is a faster, more stable, more capable home wireless network. It should make file downloads faster, peer-to-peer sharing near-instantaneous, and video and music streaming much smoother. And who doesn’t wish their home Wi-Fi was faster and more stable?

Wireless AC will also improve the much-maligned battery life of our favourite gadgets thanks to these faster download speeds. And, while there aren’t a plethora of devices available at the moment that contain AC, Apple has announced it will be available in future MacBooks and the Samsung Galaxy S4 is already AC compatible, as is the HTC One – it won’t be long before wireless AC devices are the norm.   However, the fact that it’s not widely available isn’t a problem for users of D-Link Wireless AC routers, thanks to built-in dual band capabilities enabling them to support Wireless N and earlier devices operating in a completely different waveband.

Whatever way you look at it, Wireless AC is a good thing that will, ultimately, bring benefits to all WiFi users both in the home and at work. Of course, as with all new technologies, it will take a while to become established but products are already starting to trickle out with a veritable flood expected to follow. D-Link has a wide portfolio of products available now. Do keep your eyes open as it could be coming to a network near you any day now.”

Paul joined D-Link in May 2011 bringing to the company over 30 years of experience in varying roles in the Telecoms and Datacoms industry in the UK and across mainland Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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