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Best Mobile Phone Browsers to Make Your Internet Faster

[ 1 ] Posted by on August 5, 2011

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A lot of people using the internet around the world today are accessing the internet from a mobile device. It has been proven lately that the mobile internet users are becoming larger than the normal conventional internet users. People who seek the mobile internet and prefer it over the normal conventional internet are people that seek the luxury of portability. We can claim that the laptop computer is portable after all, but we cannot beat the fact that a laptop cannot be slid into your pocket. And this is why many internet users have chosen to use the web with their mobile phones.

However, the mobile internet users are faced with the problem of fast internet speed. One can support the fact that a mobile internet can provide the opportunity to access the internet on the go but we cannot neglect the fact that the mobile internet may not supersede the normal desktop and laptop internet in speed. Fortunately, having the right browser for your mobile device can get to the bottom of this problem, and that is why I’m going to be talking about four mobile phone browsers that will make your internet faster.


Opera mobile web browser is a very popular web browser developed for mobile internet users. This is a very good mobile browser that can make browsing the internet with your mobile phone safer, faster and enjoyable than using the default mobile web browser. The fact that the Opera mobile or mini browser has millions of users using it on their mobile phones is a testimony to its efficiency. Opera mobile web browser has a lot of features that can make your browsing faster such as superb compression, super fast web loading effects and zoom effects.

If you think the Opera mobile browser is the best choice for you, just go to the Opera mini download page with your mobile phone. The version of the Opera browser that best suits your phone will be suggested to you for free download.

Bolt mobile browser

Bolt mobile web browser is an impressive web browser with many great features for the curious mobile internet user. Bolt mobile web browser is one of the most downloaded web browsers on the web with over 20 million downloads. The bolt mobile web browser has some incredible features for mobile phones and it’s a java application like the Opera mini. Users can watch videos directly from the internet using the bolt browser on their mobile phones. The bolt browser is among the fastest mobile browsers that a mobile internet user can wish for.

To download the bolt mobile web browser on your mobile phone, visit the download page to download it for free.


A mobile browser made by a Chinese developer, UCWeb is a unique mobile web browser that is compatible with most mobile phones. UCWeb mobile web browser is made to be compatible with a lot of mobile phones including Nokia, Motorola, LG, HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, Nexian and Sanyo. You can also use the mobile web browser on mobile phone with the following operating systems: Symbian S60 , Windows mobile Java , Android and iPhone.

For a free download of the latest version of UCWeb visit the UCWeb web page on your mobile phone.


This is a typical mobile web browser developed for smartphones. Skyfire is a very fast mobile internet web browser that has a good compressing ability that brings the web page which may take you a few minutes to load in a few seconds. Skyfire is developed for the Android, iPad, Rocket and iPhone mobile phones.

To download Skyfire on your mobile phone, visit their web page on and select the device you want to download it on.

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