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Nokia Planning to Release a PureView Windows Phone, Codenamed EOS

[ 0 ] Posted by on January 23, 2013

Nokia EOS

Windows Phone has its appeals, you know. As an iOS user of 2 years, and now an Android user for 3, I recently bought a HTC 8X and really love the operating system thus far. It makes iOS look immensely outdated and Android a CPU hog. It isn’t for everyone, and I’m no convert just yet, but it is heading in the right direction with new hardware releases from Nokia and HTC leading the way.

Of those two manufacturers, Nokia is arguably the most appealing for those looking to buy a Windows Phone handset. Nokia Drive and other exclusive apps sweeten any potential deal looking to put a dent in your wallet, and the company think their Lumia 920 is the be all and end all of smartphones, if their excessive marketing is anything to go by. Despite not being a HUGE force within the smartphone market just yet, they do have PureView, and the Verge have learned that Nokia is planning a PureView Windows Phone handset codenamed the EOS.

The handset, of which features are sketchy and specifications just rumours, will apparently be made from aluminium and not polycarbonate like the companies Lumia 800, 900 and 920. It will also be the companies flagship handset of 2013. According to the Verge, Nokia may also be preparing a Lumia 920 replacement made from aluminium.

Does the above mean Nokia is moving away from polycarbonate? Yes, is the simple answer, if reports are correct. We hope they do not though, as their current flagship hardware feels better in the hand than any aluminium phone available, in our book.

Hit up the Verge for more on this story (linked, above).

Image credit: My Nokia Blog

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