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BiGR Audio Over-Ear Headphones Review

[ 1 ] Posted by on March 24, 2013

BiGR Audio Oakland A's

Most consumers will agree that generally, there is a correlation between the quality of a product and its price. More often than not there is a direct relationship between a hefty price tag and excellent quality. Occasionally, that is not the case and we can get great audio for a price that is not entirely exorbitant. So at $149 the BiGR Audio Oakland A’s (A’s: Athletics) ‘Over-Ear’ headphones should prove within the price range and audio satisfaction range of many baseball enthusiasts. In case you were wondering, all of BiGR Audios MLB (Major League Baseball) branded headphones are officially licensed! With the 2013 MLB season starting on March 31, decided this is the perfect timing for our review to go live.


The headphones come in a solid wood storage box with the particular team’s logo engraved on the top, the box is quite large thus, while not storing the headphones, it could be used as a storage bin for other baseball memorabilia (cards, gloves, baseballs). A black cloth bag with a string tie is also included so users can protect the headphones while not in use.

BiGR Audio Bamboo case

Design, Look, and Feel

The headphones are designed using mostly sturdy plastic construction, but thanks to their machine grey coloring, appear “cheap”, however, in contrast to their look, they have a fairly solid feeling. This is always a good thing, especially for headphones aimed at the budget crowd. The headband is covered in a black leather-like material with white stitching along the sides, reminiscent of the stitching on a baseball glove. It’s a nice touch that furthers the message of baseball authenticity.  At all times, the ‘phones felt absolutely fantastic to wear, and while not in use, they were comfortable to wear around the  neck thanks to the large padding around the headphones. The headphone cable uses the popular detachable flatwire design with a 3.5mm connector on either end. The end that is meant to be plugged into the headphones has an inline control module, which offers volume up /down functions as well as play /pause/answer / end call functionality with a built in mic. The inline module is also made from plastic construction, but it doesn’t feel quite as durable as the headphones. Nevertheless, the inline module features worked flawlessly with Apple’s iPhone.  Unfortunately none of the features (save for the mic) worked with Android phones. Finally, the 3.5mm headphone cable is unusual in its length of 2 meters long, which is twice as long as most headphone cables (usually a bit under 1 meter in length).  This extra length is great if you are using these with a notebook / desktop and feel the need to get up and stretch.

BiGR Audio Oakland A's.JPG 2

Sound Quality

Pretty good for most genres of music, especially anything bass heavy. Dance, Trance, Rap, Dubstep, and Rock– all came across just fine thanks to the 50mm drivers, but this comes at a cost to music that is more instrumental.  While the headphones provide exceptional bass quality they sounded weak on overall audio quality, which was a bit of a disappointment for classical music.

For headphones that are not actively noise canceling, while in use they actually have excellent noise-canceling characteristics. Call quality was also fairly decent as the built-in mic did a decent job.


This is also another area where these headphones truly wowed; the headphones did a neat job of reproducing a vast array of sound effects including explosions, shockwaves, and the like. Dialogue also came across quite nicely.


We have concluded that at $149, these are an almost unbeatable pair of over-ear headphones.  Therefore, the BiGR Audio…. ‘Over-Ear’ Headphones are the perfect Baseball season gift for the MLB enthusiast in your life, especially if said sports enthusiast is also an audiophile. Furthermore, BiGR audio has just released a 2013 collection of MLB branded headphones using a wood and leather design mix.

BiGR Audio products are available here.

[Rating:8] 8/10

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  1. Puneet says:

    Nice one, been looking for a new pair of earphones for the gym, i’ll be checking these out!

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