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Scott Paul Technologies E – Systems Review

[ 0 ] Posted by on December 21, 2011

There are many, many accessories for Smartphones and Tablets. From silicone based covers to docks. If it can be used in conjunction with your portable handheld device, odds are there are anywhere from 1 – 5 different versions of the product from most major OEM’s. Scott Paul Technologies (SPT)) has entered the field of mobile gadget accessories. However, instead of trying to compete with case manufacturers and such, they have introduced their own, original product to the market. Meet the Cell Handle, e-Handle and EZ Cell Holder systems. SPT says they are made from “soft, hypo-allergenic materials, including latex free nylon and non-toxic adhesives”. These systems all use advanced types of Velcro on a patch with an adhesive back to ensure they remain attached to your gadget of choice. Each system contains a black colored patch with an adhesive on the back. The patch is placed on the back cover of your mobile device and should be given 24 hours to properly bond with the back of your device. The other part of the system is placed on your hand and attaches to the adhesive patch via Velcro.

In use, the Cell Handle, placed on my index finger, felt quite comfortable to use for extended periods of times with my iPhone 4. It’s rotating base, which offers a full 360 degree rotatable head (patent pending), came in handy when using my iPhone to watch movies and play games. It also worked well as a makeshift kickstand when placing the iPhone on a flat surface to watch movies. When I needed to make use of my hand I would remove the ring-like holder and simply slip it into my pocket. The piece of Velcro that I had attached to the back of the iPhone was unobtrusive so when I had the phone covered via a generic silicone based covering it was barely noticeable, producing a small but comfortable bump. Unfortunately do to the nature of the adhesive it will not work properly if you attempt to stick it on any type of rubber/silicone based Smartphone cover. However it can be easily attached to any hard case without issue.

The e-holder system was also a breeze to use. While it’s suggested for use with an e-reader, I only had an iPad at my disposal to use the system in conjunction with. SPT claims that the systems advanced Velcro can hold up to 9 pounds (or 4.5 Kg for those of you on the metric system). Seeing as the heaviest of consumer tablets max out at 2lbs or a bit less than 1Kg, it is strong enough to hold your system without worrying about it detaching from your hand. During my testing of the system I found it to provide a comfortable holding experience. Unlike the traditional way of holding most tablets by gripping it from the side, I was able to keep it resting on my hand without fearing it might slip off. Its patent pending 360 degree rotatable head was easy to use when I decided to take a break from reading and watch a video.  The part that you wrap around your hand can also be wrapped around the wrist if desired. I found the system provided optimal use while reading. After my experience using it with the iPad, I understand exactly why it is primarily meant to be used with e-readers which are often smaller and lighter than the iPad.

The EZ Cell Holder worked wonders on the dashboard of my Citroen. I found it to be incredibly solid unlike suction based holder systems. All you need to do is find a convenient location to place it on and viola! Do to the nature of the adhesive used it might be a bit tricky getting it to stick to smooth plastic surfaces. Always remember to set your phone to hands free mode while driving and never take your eye off the road. Just because you are not holding the phone does not mean you cannot get distracted by it. Taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can be potentially fatal. The system is not just meant for in car use. I placed one of the Velcro adhesive backed patches on the wall next to my computer monitor so as to have easy access to my iPhone while at my workspace and not be too concerned about the possibility of accidentally having it knocked off my desk.

Final Thoughts

The systems have their convenient uses. I was entirely confident my iPhone/iPad would never detach from the Velcro. I feel 100% satisfied that the products worked exactly as advertised.

The Cell Handle has an MSRP of $19.95

The e-Handle has an MSRP $24.95

The EZ Cell Holder has an MSRP of $9.95

All SPT products are designed and manufactured in the United States. They can all be purchased here directly from Scott Paul Technologies. 

Happy Holidays everyone!

Editors note: Images to be adjusted soon. 

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