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Semi Skill Based Slot Machines Proving Popular

[ 0 ] Posted by on February 4, 2017


In something of an attempt to attract a much younger clientele many online and mobile casinos and their respective game designers are bring out semi skill based slot machines, which when played optimally can give players a much better chance of winning via their respective bonus games.

The base game of such slots do of course work in the same way as other slots, with players choosing the number of pay lines, the coin values and the number of coins per line they wish to play, however how they differ from all other slots is once the bonus game has been triggered.

The bonus games offer video type games as their bonus rounds and as such you could for example trigger a bonus game that will play like the old Pacman game or the Frogger or Space Invaders machines.

The aim of those bonus games will be to play them as optimally as possible, as you are much more likely to pick up one of the much higher valued winning payouts when you do so.

One of the added benefits of playing such slots online or on a mobile device as opposed to playing them in a land based casino is that you can opt to give them a much play time as you like via the free play versions of the games, and as such by doing so and triggering those bonus games repeatedly over time, you are much more likely to become skilled at playing off those bonus games.

So be on the lookout for such slots if you are a fan of gaming in general, as you are likely to find them much more appealing that the older styled video slot machines that only award pick to win or wheel spinning bonus features and bonus games!

Top Tips for Playing Skill Based Slot Machines

If you are looking for a casino site at which to play skill based bonus game awarding slots or any type of slot machines at all then this site is one worth visiting, as they have a full overview of all of the top rated casino sites, both mobile and online casinos and will also let you know just what slots are available at those sites.

Plus, thanks to it being such a popular website with slot players in particular they have been able to negotiate some high valued bonus offers that will give you an increased bankroll when you claim them which in turn will mean you will get more play time from your slot playing budget too!

Below we will pass onto you a few tips for playing skill based slot machines if you do decide you would like to give them any amount of play time on your PC or mobile device.

Practise Makes Perfect – As mentioned above make sure your first few initial session playing skill based slot machines are via the demo mode versions of the slots to allow you to master those bonus games.

Look Up RTP’s – Whilst the bonus games are skill based the base game of such slots are still completely random, and as such make something of a concerted effort to look up the payout percentages on any skill based slots you come across and only every play those with the highest RTP’s!

Don’t Get Carried Away – Whilst you may have fully mastered playing off skill based bonus game and bonus features you will still have to trigger them in the first place, and with that in mind always set yourself some limits in regards to how much you are prepared to lose, and never chase those bonus games as they can trigger at any time on any spin you do decide to play off!

Try Various Slots – Whilst many slot game designers are launching these brand new types of slots keep in mind that there are several of them available and not necessarily at the one casino site you may be a member of. So be prepared to open up quite a few different casino accounts that use different software platforms and designers games, as that way you will have a much greater choice of slots to play.

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