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Some More Top Money Saving Smartphone Apps

[ 2 ] Posted by on April 6, 2012

best money apps

To follow on from an article we wrote not long back featuring some fantastic money saving apps which you can download to your smartphone, I thought I’d search the depths of the App Store to find some more which you may or may not have heard of. Read on to find out about some great money saving apps.

Money Supermarket Car Insurance App

Car insurance is an ever increasing cost on the UK’s roads as more and more people get their license, so naturally the rise of the car insurance comparison site has been huge over the last 2 years. These websites however aren’t exactly perfect to use on your iPhone, so a car insurance app would be perfect, right? Right. This car insurance app from Money Supermarket allows you to search and compare car insurance deals based around the same criteria as the full blow web page, but of course it’s much more efficient with thanks to being ideally optimized for a 3.5″ display. This app is free to download.

The TrainLine app

Train fares are set to rise year on year, and for those who commute or travel a lot during any given week, the TrainLine app could be your new best friend. The app allows you to search location-based criteria to find you the next train train home and order your ticket online. The TrainLine app will save you money by allowing you to plan your journey on the move effectively, helping you miss out on any unwanted fares which could pop up.

MyGas App

MyGas is a fantastic money saving iPhone app. Basically, it works via location services and will find all your nearest petrol stations as well as tell you exactly how much money per litre petrol or diesel costs. The results of each station are maintained by people like you, the users, and it allows for some seriously easy money saving which over the space of 6 – 12 months, could allow you to buy that gadget you’ve been lusting after for so long.

Music MagPie App

The Music MagPie app doesn’t so much as save you money but it lets you earn money. If you essentially have any old or unwanted CD’s, DVD’s or games, Music Magpie will take them off your hands and also pay for them. With the Music MagPie app, you can scan each CD, DVD or game bar code using your smartphone’s camera and it will automatically give you the price they will pay you for it. If you have 50 – 100 unwanted items, then, you could get some handy cash. Available on Android or iPhone.

City Index App

The City Index iPhone app is a pretty neat affair, and has won some pretty decent titles, including the Shares Magazine ‘Best Online Trading Application’ Award for 2011. The City Index app allows UK customers to purchase shares and monitor their values whilst on the move commuting. It’s near by essential to any share trader out there! Available on Android, iPhone, Blackberry and mobile.

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  1. Enea C says:

    Good list of apps, particularly the ones related to the UK market. I will try Music MagPie App, it sounds interesting.

  2. CFD Trading says:

    Good choice of useful applications. Thank you! I will definitely try some of them 

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