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Sony Xperia Z off to a Good Start in Europe, says Sony

[ 0 ] Posted by on March 3, 2013

Sony Xperia Z

If you are in the market right now for a smartphone with a 1080p display, the only offering available to you is the Sony Xperia Z (the Droid DNA is scarce in these parts). It was either going to be an incredibly neat marketing move to launch their handset ahead of the likes of the HTC One or upcoming Galaxy S4 or a drastic move given the lack of 1080p competition to drive awareness, but Sony says that the Xperia Z is off to a good start in Europe.

Talking at this years Mobile World Congress, Calum MacDougall, head of Xperia marketing, said in an interview: “We have seen really good pre-orders. We had the first stocks available in Germany in Berlin at the Sony store and sold those out in two hours”.

The Sony Xperia Z is a fabulous looking handset which packs the features upcoming flagship handsets will boast. These include a full HD (1080p) screen and the latest quad-core Snapdragon processor, making it quicker than any 2012 handset. It is also splash and water proof, as Sony REALLY want you to know as their latest television adverts showcase the Sony Xperia Z being cleaned / rinsed of paint with a cup of water (obviously, this would not work in real life, but pouring White Spirit on a handset is never good).

On contract, the handset is currently available from retailers including Phones 4 U from around £36 per month. SIM-free, the handset will set you back around £520, depending on the store you buy it from. It is available in black, white or purple.

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