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What Any Parent Should Know About Cell Phone Spy Apps

[ 5 ] Posted by on January 12, 2012

spy apps

Some parents question whether cell phone spy apps like Nokia, Android, or iPhone spy software are truly the answer when it comes to protecting children. After all, most parents grew up in a time when cell phone spy applications were nothing more than Science Fiction so it can be difficult to imagine using the technology to “snoop” on their children. But with bullying, youth violence, and sexual predation on the rise, cell phone monitoring apps like iPhone Spy Software helps parents protect children from threats in three critical ways:

1. Cell Phone Spy Apps Monitor Location

Although unavailable just a few short years ago, Cell phone surveillance tools like iPhone Spy Software include both Real Time and Historical Location Tracking. In the event of an emergency or to know exactly where a child is at any given time, the Real Time location tracking on the iPhone spy app will pinpoint cell location to within a few yards. And to monitor child movements over the course of a day, Historical Location tracking is also available on most advanced cell phone monitoring apps.

2. Cell Phone Spy Applications Identify Child’s Social Network

The people in your child’s social network invariably influence behavior so you need cell phone monitoring apps like iPhone Spy Software that identifies who your children are speaking with. But be careful: Not all cell phone monitoring software includes the advanced surveillance features necessary to identify your child’s entire social network. So look for monitoring applications like iPhone Spy Software that include these core surveillance features:

  • Contact Details
  • Call Details
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up

3. Cell Phone Spy Apps Monitor Communications

The only thing more important than who your children are talking to is finding out what exactly they are saying to people in their social network. This can be difficult with most cell phone spy applications because they lack the surveillance features necessary to monitor all communications. So to review all cell phone communication, look for advanced applications like iPhone Spy Software that includes these surveillance features:

  • Text, IM, Picture, and Video Log
  • Call Recording
  • Web History
  • Surround Recording (makes a recording of cell phone surroundings)

And with children so tech-savvy these days, it is also important that the cell phone spy application remains completely hidden from the child being monitored. Otherwise, they will either alter their activities or download some app designed to block specific cell phone apps like Android or iPhone Spy Software.

While we may not want to “snoop” on our children using cell phone spy software, the world is simply too dangerous to leave them unmonitored while away. Cell phone monitoring applications like iPhone Spy Software with advanced surveillance features provides parents with the information and tools they need to protect children at minimal cost.
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Comments (5)

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  1. linda coner says:

    seems like an interesting idea… not sure how the kids will feel about this though LOL

  2. PMantis says:

    This is great. People need to know what is in their possession, within easy reach, 90% do not, especially parents.

    Yet others as well. I use spy monitoring on my 90yo mother who insists on living alone still. I even gave her a separate gadget for use when out and about in her wheelchair and she occupies herself endlessly creating strategies, pranks, and then watching afterwards.

    The dang thing is therapeutic and I have a “gripper cam” we sell that I let her use mounted on the car window by its suction cup for stability when we are out for a drive or parked.

    I love wireless and you won’t find night-vision or infra-red (IR) on a cell phone freely i.e. when you need it.

    The most important part of your article is informing the public that the monitoring can be untraceable. No parent wants to be discovered snooping into the almighty privacy of a teenager.

    Thanks for the article op!

  3. Jakk,

    We want to protect our kids and at the same time get them to trust us. Should we be honest and tell them that we are watching them and risk them blocking the software or do we be covert and hide it on their phone without their knowledge.

    These days, life is way more sofisticated and there are many new ways for “bad guys” or bad influences to get to our kids. I think this is more necessary than it ever was. You have to keep a close eye on your kids. When I was growing up, my parents didn’t know half of the stuff I was getting into. If they did, maybe I would not have had such a hard time later in life.

    So my vote is yes, you need to watch them, and you need to do it secretly.


  4. don says:

    so, which application is the best in the market, that can monitor any social networking activities 

  5. Parents will find it very useful to have spy apps installed in their kids’ mobile phones.

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