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Comparing LOVEFiLM and Netflix, which Service is Better?

[ 0 ] Posted by on February 4, 2013

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With the competition between internet TV and Film subscription services thoroughly underway, questions are beginning to arise about which service is best.  There is an abundance of articles proclaiming to know which is best framed in the Netflix vs LOVEFiLM question.  These are the big two subscription services currently operating and different blogs and sites will come out with different outcomes – like all questions of this manner, the decision is largely subjective, but there does seem to be some strong arguments in favour of LOVEFiLM maintaining its supremacy in the UK.

The big technological debate right now is whether people prefer streaming films or whether they prefer a tangible DVD/Blu-ray.  Although a company like LOVEFiLM has thoroughly incorporated the streaming element into its service it still realizes the value of its DVD by post package.

Receiving a DVD forces you to watch it – despite their being no late fees.  The ability to stream a film perhaps takes the human urge to watch away from the viewer but one could prepare an argument for the exact opposite.

The most popular packages of both LOVEFiLM is probably the £5.99 3 discs a month offering and the offer at Netflix is an identical price although the service is quite different in the form of unlimited streaming from their selection of films and TV series’.  The identical prices suggest why the LOVEFiLM vs Netflix debate rages across the net.

Yesterday, GigaOM published an intriguing article on the Netflix / LOVEFiLM debate, noting that Netflix currently have LOVEFiLM running scared backed by fantastic profits for 2012 and arguably better marketing.

You must base a decision on which of the entertainment subscription packages you wish to use on factors like whether you prefer TV series’ or films and whether you stream or you don’t.  As an all-round package LOVEFiLM seems on the surface very hard to beat due to its vast library – this is surely ultimately the factor that tells you how good such one service may be when pitted against the next.

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